Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Should we be offended Ahole Party

So last night we got invited to an "a**hole party" by our friend (??) Peter. Um, thanks? You'll remember that Peter helped me set the Christmas hash, and well yes, he often qualifies for this designation. Peter aka Popcorn (his hash name and used island-wide) decided he wanted to invite a few fellow a-hole friends to get into the Christmas spirit. It really was just another excuse to dip into the spiked eggnog, but why not. We went out on Mr. X's Shiggidy X-Press and floated along the coast eating, drinking, and doing whatever it is aholes do.

We had a really good time and were out for much longer than the allotted 3 hours, although part of the reason for that was that the boat was running out of gas. Really sucking fumes. There was plenty of gas back at the Shack, unfortunately someone had forgotten to bring the dinghy to get it. Whoever did that was a real ...No problem, it gave us more time to dance!

We floated down the coast, moored in Shitten Bay, and celebrated when some food emerged. I thought we'd starve, but not only were there carrots/celery, mouthwatering garlic bread, and delicious pineapple to chow down on, but Mr. X was nice enough to surprise us with 2 veggie burgers (I split mine with Heather, another vegetarian). Meat eaters also got platters of chicken wings.

I have never had so many pictures of people with their eyes closed. What the?? Well, I suppose it should be expected since they're all a bunch of you-know-whats. Unfortunately a lot of photos came out blurry and grainy too - if we keep doing this night stuff, I might have to spring for a better camera.

Derek and Popcorn took this so seriously that they formed a committee and came up with 3 nominees for being the biggest ahole (Dave, Brian, and Peter himself). That's Derek to the right emceeing the event.

Unsurprisingly, Popcorn was one of them, and also unsurprisingly, he did NOT win the award (he was on the committee after all), Dave did. The winner got to wear this.

Of course, only an ahole would then get up and complain about not winning the ahole award.

On the way back, the dance music came on and insanity ensued. Now I should say that what happened then on the Shiggidy Xpress stays on the Xpress, but, well...I'm a blogger. We video'd the entire a-hole award ceremony which was quite funny, although it may have been one of those "you had to be there" situations. I edited it down to about 6 minutes and, if anything, it does give you insight into island living and some of the people who live on them. Yes, drunk driving is rather common, but the speeds are slow and well, it's part of island life. The camera blurred the whole video though, so I've put together a montage of pictures from our trip and just let the audio play out. There is lots of cursing (lots), so be forewarned (you can always turn your sound off).

We danced all the way to the dock and then had to remember which shoes we came with before calling it a night.

We are going to enjoy the crap out of the rest of 2010, because we sure don't know what 2011 is going to bring now do we? Well, actually we do know that our electricity is going to go up. It's official. How much? Why the 85% that was being "rumored" and denied. This is exactly why nobody ever believes politicians. We've been really frugal with our electricity, so I'm not sure how we're going to cut back much more, but we most definitely will find a way. Kittitians will also be losing a bit more from their paychecks to social security. No one's had a pay raise in a while, so that ain't good. I hear everyone's belts tightening and it ain't from all that Christmas pie either! I'm guessing many folks will be eating chickens and rabbits from a new slaughter house they just built here. Yuk. I have to say, that I have never seen a rabbit on this island and hope not to find one in my roti anytime soon either.