Monday, December 13, 2010

Beach Time at Sandy Bank

You know what else soothes our soul? The beach! Last weekend, we had gone to Sandy Bank only to discover that the beach was gone! The Christmas winds had been kicking up and pushed the water all the way up to the vine-covered dunes. This is actually normal winter behavior on the north/ocean-side of the island, but we got spoiled last year when the winds never kicked in. Luckily there are plenty of other beaches on this island, so we just sprawled elsewhere. Yesterday, there was still some erosion and cliff-like action, but we found a nice little flat spot and plopped ourselves down.

Just in time for some patchy clouds to keep crossing in front of the sun. Ok, so we didn't get a tan, but it was still the perfect temperature and perfect view.

I really appreciated it all when I got an email from Linda in Minnesota about snowdrifts coming 3/4 up her town-home windows, unable to get to her car, folks getting around via snowmobile, "enjoying" temps at freezing, and dealing with getting 17.1" of the white stuff on the ground in one day. Seeing the Metrodome cave in was the icing on the cake.

Yep. I feel better now. You folks to the north, just might want to start planning your vacations about now. beach-blanket