Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hiking the Golf Course, Shipwreck, and Running the 3rd Tri Series

So I was feeling a bit blah about things, particularly after learning about two more friends whose houses got robbed (one lost all the Christmas presents they just bought/wrapped - the a**holes even threw the food from their fridge on the floor - !!). Sigh. Add my frustration with the health insurance situation (we decided to just sign Michael up and cross our fingers I stay healthy) and the fact that the electricity went out again for 7 hours yesterday, and I needed my usual fix when I'm feeling blue. Hiking.

We didn't kill ourselves, but we wandered the roads of the one-day golf course on the southeast peninsula. The island is so beautiful that just taking it all in always refreshes me. It was so quiet with nothing but the bleeting of the goats, the birds soaring overhead, monkeys running around in the distance, magnificent views. Yep, just what I needed.

Hiking also helps work up an appetite, so we decided to have some soft veggie tacos and fries at Shipwreck. We hadn't been there in a long time and were glad to see that they got a lot of their beach back. They've also fixed the damage from Hurricane Earl, so have stairs back down to the beach. It was nice to see them with a pretty good cruise-ship crowd.

Of course, the monkeys still know where to get some yummy goodies (mongoose too).

Then it was time to root friends on for the final (third) triathlon series. This one consisted of a 600m swim, 20km bike, 5km run. Because it was a bit harder, only 14 teams signed up this time. Two individuals did the whole thing by themselves, and the rest divvied up the activities via teams. Tina, the traffic controller, was back in her pirate gear - this time with a Christmas twist. Ho Ho, Aaar!

Rob's leg was the swim, and without Arnie to hog the lead, came in first. Kat, who just ran a frickin' marathon, came in 3rd, swimming with one team and then later running for another team. Incredibly, both her teams placed in the top three (crazy!!!!!).

Michael wasn't in the tri this time, but decided to run it with "little" Steven so he didn't get lost and Rob decided to keep Kat company. They were running neck and neck and Steven started to panic when he realized Kat was so close behind, but he and Michael ran across the finish line with time to spare. I could have had a great pic of Steven really gunning it across, but it came out blurry %$(*$!!!!. I'm posting it anyway!

Here's the winner. Incredibly, it was one of the two individuals who did the whole thing by himself - Reggie. He won the last one too. He just bounces across the finish line like it's a day in the park.


When I went to take the pictures off my camera, I laughed when I saw this picture. This was Pat at Banana Bay the day after the hash. She really had worked her butt off to pull the off the Christmas hash and all that came with it - from setting the darn thing, to organizing the tent, the food, calling in Santa, etc. etc. She so deserved this.