Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Rant or two

I can not wait to hear why we lost power for 3 1/2 hours last night. We might all be facing a doubling of our electric bills to pay for new generators and better service but in the past 10 days, we've lost our power 3 times. Having lived on a boat for 3 years, we took the power outage in stride and made up a cheese & veggie plate, lit our candles, and sat outside under the stars. It would have been perfect had we not been deafened by the growling of the nearby generators...It's times like those, I miss lying out on our trampolines offshore! UPDATE

I am so calling out the Estonian sexist powers that be. My Mom and her brothers were born in Estonia and had to run for their lives when the Russians invaded during WWII. After a stint in Germany, they eventually made their way to New York and became naturalized U.S. citizens. Wanting to reconnect with their birth homes and with Estonia now in the European Union, they've recently decided to reapply for their Estonian passports and obtain dual citizenship. As the daughters of these Estonian citizens, my cousins and I can get passports too. We figured we'd also get them for our husbands, but learned something incredible. The country that invented Skype and is the only country in the world to have figured out safe online voting, will not allow wives to get passports for their husbands, but husbands can get passports for their wives. What???!! What a strange situation to apply caveman mentality. I wonder if the Estonian representative grunted and scratched himself when he told my cousin that ridiculous quirk in the system. If the rep was a woman, I don't know how she could say it without embarrassment. Estonia - pull our head out of your a** and change that barbaric regulation!

My final rant is about health insurance. After hearing several scenarios we'd prefer to NOT find ourselves in here, we decided to jump on the U.S. health insurance offered by Michael's company. For just Michael to join would have been about $60/mo which was reasonable enough. Adding me though, made it a "family plan" and we would have to pay the same thing/mo as a family with 5 kids. How the heck is that fair? Well, whatever, it was affordable enough, so we waited for the enrollment period. Well, now the cost has tripled. We totally can't afford it and neither can anyone else we know. Of course, we're now "required" to have health insurance (should we fly back to the States) but make too much to qualify for Medicaid and make too little to be able to pay for private insurance. A pregnant pal just found out that once her baby is born it won't be covered for it's first 30 days. What??!! I was all for universal health care - the U.S. is the only so-called civilized country in the world that doesn't offer it (and the only people who seem to be against it are the retired people on Medicare and the politicians enjoying government-provided health care as well) - but the current set-up is not the answer! Let's just hope our good health continues, shall we?

There. I feel better now. Thank you.