Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ho Ho Ho Hash

We did it! We helped set our first hash and it was a success! Both the runner and walker's trail came in at around an hour, which was exactly as we'd hoped and we got lots of compliments (good job to Pat/Bull Bait & Peter/Popcorn our hash mentors!). So let's go hashing shall we?

Some people were more into the Christmas spirit than others. Christmas puppy.

Christmas Elf. How Michael ended up with his Jingle Balls nomenclature.

Then we had to provide the instructions to the crowd. It was weird standing on this side for a change - why is everyone staring at us!! People were laughing because Peter was telling everyone that I was leading because I always led all men astray - hrmph. He also told them that there were rumors of a stalker so all the girls should stay back with him for safety (pig).

Then it was time for me to head up the road like the pied piper. Michael led his group in the other direction.

And we're still on the road...

Ok, finally it was time to head for the hills.

I've got my peeps with me.

And now they're passing me...

I let them pass, because I turned around and was surprised to see how far back some people were so slowed down a bit.

These guys were getting terrorized by a cow blocking their path. The screams echoed across the valley...

The requisite ocean views:

And sea:

Continuing our trek...

We headed for a relatively small water tower.

Then onto a second water tower.

Just past that was an amazingly clear view of St. Barths (Denise taking it all in). The other direction gave us a great vista of the southeast side of St. Kitts. Another eyeball adjustment gave us mountains. Contented sigh...

I turned around and discovered that I was still not walking slow enough. Hello back there! Maybe those folks were seeking stalker protection from Peter :)

Our next stop was the quarry. There was a guy perched on a boulder high above the activity pointing and shouting directions. Hope nobody followed his advice - stick to the ribbons!

Then it was down and back toward the main road.

Here are a few shots Michael took of his crowd. They were abused a bit more with a brush through the sharp sugar cane and up slightly steeper hills.

Still great views though!

On their way down from the quarry, they had a slightly tougher downhill. During this, one of the runners let loose on Michael totally cussing him out. The guy (I'll give him a break and won't name him) thought it was too risky and dropped a kazillion F-bombs before scurrying on his way without incident. He later apologized for his outburst and Michael doesn't hold grudges, so all is well. This is John coming through, sans potty mouth.

Michael looking a bit soggy after his jaunt (refer back to before picture).

Me getting cold. Peter had been taking off the yellow trail markers as he came through - we can only hope there hadn't been anyone behind him!

There! The hard part was done. It was time for the Christmas festivities. Break out the food! Pat took me up on my suggestion to have El Fredo's cater the event and they did not disappoint. Every one of those aluminum platters is a different dish including several desserts. All that for $30EC/10US per person - wow!

But wait? Who's this? It's Santa! And presents!!

Kids of all ages, sometimes two at a time, and even dogs got a chance at the lap!

I think Santa deserved this.

In case that wasn't enough excitement, afterwards, Michael and a few others decided to try karaoke at Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack. I heard that was pretty ugly. Poor Paula, the bartender, had to listen to Michael and 3 cohorts torture everyone to the sounds of Hey, Hey We're the Monkeys. My idea of taking a nice, hot shower turned out to be very, very smart. If Michael ever wants to be served at the Shack again, he might want to promise Paula to never sing again. Mr. X is on videotape crooning a Frank Sinatra song (Lady is a Tramp), but I don't think any of us needs to be subjected to that.

How about that for a full day? As a matter of fact it started before all that - so here are a couple of asides:

Before the hash, we decided to take a look at a new restaurant in Port Zante, called Twist. It's got a huge menu from Indian, to Thai, to Chinese, to Mexican, to Continental, to Sushi, to Lobster, to Pizza. I've never seen so many vegetarian dishes on one menu (there's even a fake chicken cutlet option under the Sizzler menu). We hadn't planned on eating there, but decided to get a grilled cheese sandwich. The bread was great, but the sandwich didn't come with the tomato as promised. Service was attentive, although not exactly enthusiastic, but we're used to that. We'll go back some night for dinner with friends and split a few things before passing judgment.

Congrats to Kat who just ran her first marathon in 3 hours 43 minutes! FYI Kat - Bono is playing mind games with you. He will absolutely drink water from a bowl - with ice cubes in it. He misses you and is very much loving his cream cheese.