Thursday, December 30, 2010

Donde esta el Sol?

Seriously folks. The islands have 6 months to make a profit before hurricane season kicks in - it must stop raining!!! Earlier in the week, we went to a birthday party and I put on my one pair of jeans. Yesterday, I put on my one pair of sweats. Last night, long jammies and fuzzy socks. Today? Quick-dry crop pants and a sweat shirt. While walking to The Strip, I was happy to have my umbrella but was also wishing I had spent more than a buck on it (in Puerto Rico; St. Kitts doesn't sell anything for a buck).

On my way there, I had to laugh at the die-hard golfers that were going to take advantage of their tee times no matter what.

While I was doing what I do during the day, I got a call from a friend who invited me to hobnob with the folks off of 2 British ships in port, one of them being the Queen Mary 2. I have actually never just knocked off in the middle of the day (well, not since our sailboat days, anyway), so thought why not. May I just say that I wouldn't want to make it a habit, but really had a good time. We started at the Rum Barrel in the middle of Port Zante where we sat shivering with cruise ship passengers that had bought rain gear instead of souvenirs or had wrapped themselves with towels from their mother ship; then went to the Pride of India for some fantastic food; and then went back to the Rum Barrel for a "night" cap and over to my house where my chauffeur suffered not one but two flat tires.

Yep. A full day, I must say. I met a few interesting people and was surprised at how many folks we "just" ran into and knew willing to grab a quick beer before going back to work. Nope, not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Unfortunately, this cruddy weather is going to stay around a bit (NOT good for business), which means time to put on my last pair of long pjs and my hiking socks so I don't get frostbite!!! No? Well, I'm putting them on anyway. And my two cats (covered in fur, no less) agree as they won't detach themselves from me, so...tongue-out-1