Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

happy-new-yearGood morning (or afternoon) all you tired, hungover people. Everyone ring in the new year with the best you had? I have to admit, I did not. Despite the fact that the sun came out yesterday (wahoo!), I started to feel crummier and crummier as the day went on and decided I could just as easily scream Happy New Year and drink a mimosa or something in the morning if I felt the need. My bed was calling. Michael represented for me at a New Year's Eve party and will probably be sleeping until tomorrow. I've decided that the only thing stranger than being sober and surrounded by drunk people (it does happen) is to be sober and looking at pictures of drunk people and not knowing the story behind them...I clearly missed a good time. Michael's cup apparently. It evidently had sentimental value because it's currently sitting on our counter.

Of course, there was plenty of food.

Then they played games to stay awake for the grand finale.

This picture was clearly taken early in the night. Not only was it not blurry, but everyone looks so subdued.

Lucky for the revelers Michael had a drop of water (or something) on the lens part of the time and had it on the wrong setting as well, so many pictures look as garbled as their subject matter. I was able to extract some decent photos from a video that had been taken with the song Jesse's Girl (Rick Springfield) and lots of whoop whooping in the background. Since most of these people have respectable jobs, I've taken the tamest of the bunch.


Then it was up to the rooftop to watch the Marriott toss up some fireworks and 2011 was upon us. Let's hope for good health, good times with friends/family, and a prosperous new year, shall we?