Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Ok, so every time I do a rather "inflammatory" entry, I always counter it with something frivolous. We spent an entire week listening to a cat in heat howl at our windows at all hours, screeching as if lit on fire whenever another cat approached it (which happened often since she was whining to get some action). The darn thing kept spraying our house, making it smell like "cat," which really ticked me off. Now, considering animals have such a keen sense of smell and can tell all kinds of information from a butt sniff, why couldn't this obnoxious female sense that our two cats were fixed? They're not interested - booger off!!!

Had I not had two cats that I love dearly, I might have become much more ill-willed toward this feline during my sleepless nights and hard-to-concentrate days. Instead, I took pictures of my own awesome little furballs and now you're going to have to see my "family" photos. Zura and Jack follow me everywhere. I'm not kidding. I have one day a week that becomes laundry, cleaning, etc. etc. and that day always involves working around two cats that have to be all up in my biz-niss. You'll note that none of these pictures were staged. This is truly what they do all the time, so all I had to do was have the camera with me all day.

Try to do some work? Jack & Zura must attack the paper coming out of the printer.

An attempt at the computer isn't any easier. I got up to get a glass of water and Jack had stolen my chair - Zura had to be nearby too.

When I told Jack to move, this is what happened.

This is Zura's "I'm hungry" look. If I ignore her, she'll walk across the keyboard (and 70% of the time hits my hibernate button).

Fine, I'll just sweep up the floors then. Jack...Zura...

Doesn't matter if it's the long broom or the short one. Of course, they hate their actual brush...

Laundry? Jack in basket; Zura in dryer.

You should see what happens when I put the sheets on the bed. Ok, how about we just skip all that and get some exercise in. Jack gets so in the way, I sometimes have to lock him up on the balcony until I'm done. He's under me while I'm doing push-ups, on my stomach doing crunches...That 2nd picture, I'm doing leg raises.

Let's just skip to the shower. There's Zura checking it out.

Zura waiting on one end for me to get out...

while Jack's on the other.

When I'm done, Jack has to roll around in the towel (he has this fetish with kitchen towels too) and then gives me makeup tips.

When I go to leave, Jack burrows himself into my purse. He only does that when I'm leaving...

They even wait in the window for me to come home (the neighbor's little boy walks by and goes "meow, meow" every time he sees them).

They do just about everything together too. That bird is a very, very lucky bird. The monkey should be relieved too.

A Christmas present for the "grandkids."

They do have different favorite toys though. Zura loves this red marble-type ball I found on the beach.

It's hollow and bounces - which means it can go anywhere. She'll paw the thing and throw it. It's nice she's so easily entertained, but that stupid ball disappears all the time and takes forever to find (it bounces into and under things). Oddly, all the toys she likes I found on the beach (a blue, hollow orb that "used" to be her favorite and a hamburger seed).

Jack likes a little black rubber thingy he came up with after a jaunt in our pot/pan cabinet. It rolls and is also small enough to palm or mouth, so that ends up in the upstairs bedroom, under seat cushions, tossed at me to throw...He does the same with the jingle ball (usually at 2am). I'd say I get 50% of my exercise crawling around looking for 1/4-inch sized toys all over the house.

They're also different in that Jack likes dairy for a treat (a little butter, yummy) and Zura likes salt (she thinks Doritos are heavenly). The two have their favorite places to sit, with Zura exhibiting an incredibly unladylike sprawl. She does this A....lot...!

And of course, they're just plain cute.

Here's Jack on the pillow next to me as I type this. Aaaw. Whoever said cat's are aloof or only care about you for food have never bothered to spend time with them. Every cat I've ever had was this interactive, so whatever. Their loss.

Ok...I'm feeling better. Until next month. If I put some birth control in some cat food do you think...?