Friday, March 18, 2011

Pirate Invasion?!

So yesterday at 8am I got a call from Peter/Popcorn telling me that there were 3 tall ships in the harbor and they would likely make a great picture for my blog. Why thanks! So I grabbed my camera and headed for the hills. I got there, took this shot,

and then debated walking all the way into town to try to get another angle. Getting there was no big deal, but the thought of hitting the hills on the way back made me groan. Plus there was no way I could get back by 10am for my usual stuff. So I begrudgingly started walking back toward Frigate (why oh why doesn't St Kitts have a bus system going to/from Frigate Bay) when I heard "you want a ride" behind me. It was Tina having a rare moment with her vehicle (her husband usually has it). Yes please! She was willing to go on a quickie car trip to town and see what kind of shots we could get. Tina actually takes professional pictures, unlike my amateur stuff, so understood my need to at least try to get it just right. So first, we headed for Port Zante where I scrambled across a few breaker boulders trying to capture the sailing ships. Hey - who put that fence and those lamp posts right in my way?

Then we made a quick stop to see how they'd come out from the roadside (Tina actually pulls all the way off of the road - she's still not in true Kittitian mode yet).

Then we tried one more in Fortlands, by the Fisherman's Wharf.

Ok that was going to have to be good enough. The two white ships are actually small cruise ships which ferry their guests ashore. The brown one has been here a couple of days; not sure if it's commercial or not. Before we headed back, Tina wanted to take me by Dr. Evil's "house." She's been telling me for months about this psycho guy who lives near the IGA grocery store. He sounds a bit like a voodoo kind of dude. A voodoo kind of dude who does weird things with his hair, lifts weights outside, and yells hexes at people as they pass by. I've never seen him. He wasn't outside this time either, but Tina did bravely slow down so I could take a picture. We both kept waiting for him to pop out of the bushes and start screaming a war cry at us or something.

Apparently the totem pole/rock thing going on in the front is a new addition. I just have to make it my mission to sneak up on him someday and get a good shot of him doing his thing. The trick will be doing that without being cursed (at).

A big thanks to my two intrepid blog hounds. I appreciate the help!