Thursday, March 17, 2011

Visiting...Eating...Visiting...Eating (Rocky's/Michael's)

Well, we had a great time with our friends from s/v Merengue and as usual were sorry to say goodbye to them last night. They're off to St. Barths and then to St. Martin where they'll be saying farewell to friends they've met who are getting ready to cross the Atlantic to Europe. The boating world was great because we really met some fantastic people, but it's such a transient lifestyle that the friendships are tough to maintain. People don't stay put! We did Skype our pals formerly of s/v Whisper the other night and made fun of their pasty complexions (they're on a boat in a Philly marina right now). While we were doing that, Wendy washed 3 loads of laundry. Finding a place on each island to wash your clothes can be a real pain when you're living on a boat so we were happy to give them a chance to get that chore out of the way.

Tuesday I walked the 4 miles to the marina so we could get a little souvenir shopping out of the way, so couldn't say I was too thrilled to see 4 cruise ships in the harbor.

Good for business, a pain in the butt otherwise. Neither Wendy nor I are big shoppers, so were perfect together as we ran in and out of stores until just the right thing jumped out at us. Mission completed, we decided to takeout some wraps from Sweet Cane for lunch. We took the grub back to Jim, who had been slaving away on the boat making his infamous, some might say dangerous, rum punch and pigged out. Everything came with fries and actually ended up being a rather substantial meal. Then it was time for the pool. We grabbed a taxi for a reasonable $10US and headed to our complex pool. Yes, this is the life.

There goes Mr. X Water Tours getting folks back to their cruise ship. Hopefully no one missed the one they're passing!

We made sure we saved Michael a rum punch. The poor guy has not only been dealing with staffing issues (6 guys on staff - 2 fired last week, 1 on sick leave, and another suspended for threatening a contractor with a rock) all during a serious crunch trying to get ready for a big event at the end of the month, but also suffering through allergies he hasn't experienced since leaving Arizona 5 years ago. Drink up!

We were too lazy to cook anything, so oscillated between getting a pizza from the Marriott Pizza Hut or from Pizza Boys. We like the one from the Marriott better (it's thinner), but it takes so long to get once ordered that we chose Pizza Boys instead. Well, that took 40 minutes (and there was no one else there), the mushrooms are now canned, the pizza isn't being cooked quite enough, and it's still more expensive than the Marriot, so guess which one we'll be getting next time...

Yesterday involved a hair trim for Wendy. That's another tough one when living on a boat; getting a haircut. Luckily, I just happened to know someone...Maxine at the Pink Daisy (Facebook). A pretty girl...

We were going to meet Jim and then Michael at Rocky's bar at the Bird Rock Resort, but it was a bit early, so we walked down to The Strip, got a soda from the Monkey Bar (say hi to Greg when you go there), and people watched for an hour. Time to grab another taxi (for $8US) and head over to Rocky's. As usual, there wasn't a soul around.

We chose this place because Jim & Wendy have been to St. Kitts several times and had never been there. It's always nice to throw something new into the mix. We weren't pleased when we realized they had added VAT to the beer and were charging over $6EC for the drinks though (The Strip bars have absorbed the tax on the beer rather than pass it on to the customers). Michael finally arrived and we decided to try another watering hole just up the street called - Michaels!!! We wanted to try someplace we'd never been, so decided to watch the sun set from there. Again, not a soul to be found. I really don't know how these businesses stay afloat.

Michael's is a really cute place though with a pool table, dart board, and seating inside/out (not sure what the beer cost, Jim picked up that tab).

They had plantain "fries" on the menu so we decided to taste those and gave them a big thumbs up. We're going to have to make those ourselves. Just as the sun was about to set and we were preparing to capture what might be a green flash,

the last cruise ship started to pull out. Hey! Down in front!

Then just as that boat started to get out of the way, a freighter started pulling out. Really??

I have to admit that freighter was hauling butt though and just at the last minute we got our view of the sun hitting the horizon.

There was a bit of a green tint, but of course, nothing happened when I hit the camera button. Nighty night.

Then it was off to Formosa Garden for some Taiwanese/Chinese food (spring rolls - yummy!). Once again, we were the only ones out and about. It's a good thing actually because we're really a pathetic bunch.

First we got tickled about the huge lazy susan in the middle of the table and had entirely too much fun with that thing before and during the meal. Then we had planned on eating outside, when the owner suggested we come in because of mosquitoes. Ok. Once inside, it turned out there were still plenty of mosquitoes. This was not a problem however, because the owners had a really nifty electrified tennis racket that zapped the darn things when you swiped at the little pests. Cool!!! For some reason the little vampires kept gunning for Jim and me. The unassertive Taiwanese woman would try to be delicate about it.

Wendy was not quite so reserved. Duck Jim!

We want one of those toys! Zap, Zap! That was certainly fun. Unfortunately, it was also time to take Jim & Wendy back to the marina for our good-byes. At least in this case, we know we'll actually be seeing them again soon. They'll be in St. Martin for quite some time, so we'll go there and visit them in late May. They'll also stop in again on their way back to Grenada where they'll hunker down for another hurricane season. After that, who knows, but we'll whine about that when we get there.

I know that I will be eating yogurt and fruit for the next 2 days. Bye Jim & Wendy - we miss you already!!