Monday, March 14, 2011


Whose lovely sailing vessel is that?

Jim & Wendy - hi guys!!

We couldn't wait to hug and catch up! The first thing we did was go to Shipwreck for lunch.

Hey - they've put in "real" bathrooms!

Then we headed down to Sandy Bank for a quick walk to work off the food and chat it up while the waves crashed in. Awesome! Once back to our place, we watched some footage of the disaster that has become parts of Japan (Jim & Wendy don't have tv onboard so hadn't seen any videos of the catastrophe). Pretty incredible.

Then it was time for a taco salad. We have 2 types of dining chairs - hard wood and cushy. I never noticed how cushy the cushy chairs were until Jim & Wendy sat in them. We were wondering if we might have to cut up Jim's food for him or maybe do the airplane (good boy - vroom vroom!). Well, it was less distance to shovel the food in anyway.

Hmmmm. Who does this remind me of?

Of course, after lots of sailing (and a couple more hops to go) Jim & Wendy had to do a few boat repairs and some cleaning, so we all did what we do during the day today. I got home around 1 and found an uninvited guest. Hope I didn't disturb his nap.

We're hoping to fit a quick dominoes game in, but the loser's cap is in a storage facility in Grenada. How conveeeeeeenient. Well, we'll play anyway. We're getting rusty and we can't have that. Tonight we Skype our pals formerly of s/v Whisper who were here last year at this time and wishing they were sharing rum tonics with us (of course, there isn't a lime to be found on the island).