Saturday, March 12, 2011

We're all Irish Hash

Well, the last hash had us all in red dresses. This one was a bit more, um, reserved. We were all in green in honor of St. Patrick's Day. First we had to get there - break out those 4-wheel drives.

Everybody got on your green shirts?

Ah yes, Jingle Balls and Popcorn always getting into the spirit.

Derrick (who kept his hat with ears on the entire hash), little Steven, and Popcorn (shooting his mouth off as usual).

Ok, let's get going. Uh oh, this isn't a good sign. The lead hare is already studying her map.

And we're lost...The ribbons we were following were the same color as the foliage and hard to see.

Ok, we're good again. Look at how clear it was.

We could even see St. Martin and St. Barths in the distance - can you see the islands?

We ran across lots of farm animals, many with babies with them (the goat peek-a-booing there had a kid too, but somehow I managed to miss the little guy).

And then my camera died. I'm a really crappy blogger - can't even remember to charge my camera. Luckily, Michael had his. We all ended up along railway tracks.

Around and/or across a railway bridge.

Around an old sugar silo.

Along a rocky ghaut (lots of cursing going on here).

And down over 160 steps to a rocky beach. Well, the walkers went down, the runners came up. Here we were crossing paths.

The Atlantic had some surprisingly high waves, although thankfully nothing like what the Pacific has seen lately.

There was a Hold for the runners and here was Steven and Mr. X waiting patiently for everyone else to catch up (the walkers don't do this; it's everyone for themselves).

Once back, there were lots of hash virgins to initiate.

Thorne getting called out for washing his sneakers before the hash and then being too lazy to put the laces back in. How he did that hike like that is beyond me, but Mr. Long Legs was right up front with the rest of us the whole time barely breaking a sweat.

Then it was time for a hash-naming ceremony, quite a special occasion in the hash world and taken quite seriously (well, serious for drinkers with a hiking problem). This is pretty much this guy's hash uniform. Snide really does wear this tie, button up shirt, and pink pants every hash. His new hash name? The Pink Pant-er. Hee! Hee! Ha! Ha! That's funny.

Wait a minute, why are they calling my name? I didn't do anything! What do you mean I'm getting a hash name? I don't want one.

What is it? Jingle Boobs. That's right. Jingle Boobs. As Popcorn rather rudely pointed out, I don't have any boobs. But thanks to Michael and his stupid bell adornments and my relationship with said Jingle Balls, I got stuck with Jingle Boobs. Sigh.

Mmmm = green beer (some of it poured on my head). Thanks guys.

But here's something that'll make you go hmmm. Guess who came up with the name in the first place (apparently this had been stumping the hash directors for some time)? Little Steven!! This innocent looking little twerp came up with the name Jingle Boobs?? What does this tell you about hashing and the warping of young minds? What, I ask you? Well, I can certainly say that I've had prouder moments.

It was actually a pretty good hike (but we really, really, really wish they'd ban dogs...). The best news of all came though when we got home, checked emails, and had one from our pals on Merengue telling us that they were here!!! In the marina!!!! What a great surprise - wahoo! So tomorrow will entail some serious catching up, and maybe a dominoes rematch (I'm pretty sure Wendy made the detour here just to get rid of her dunce/loser cap).

We also got an email from our other boater pals on Tortuguita who have been building up for years to finally get through the Panama Canal and visit the Pacific. They just happened to do that on the day the tsunami threatened. What were the chances? Turns out that their depth sounder went crazy, showing them 12 feet of water where it should have been 380 feet (per the charts) and oscillating for 20 minutes scaring the pajeebers out of them (they were wondering if they were reading the charts incorrectly (which would be bad if you're hugging the coast). They think that what they saw was their sonar beam reflect off the pressure waves of the Tsunami as it was passing beneath them. Wow! As they said - welcome to the Pacific! Be safe guys!