Monday, April 25, 2011

Even Better Pics of the 2nd Mini Triathlon

Ok, so Tina Elkins just forwarded me the link the pictures she took during the triathlon and they are absolutely fantastic. If you start at 85 and go backwards then you get the event from beginning to end. You truly get a feel for what it was like, whether you know us or not, and can see how incredibly hot we all were.

A few pics she took of us. You'll note I was barely sweating, which I think was part of my not hungry/thirsty problem. I do normally sweat as if under a faucet. Strange.

So check out the rest of the pictures on Tina's photography website and get into the spirit. I'm hot all over again! Big shout out to Tina and Ron for volunteering to help out at the event, as well as Nat and all the others!