Sunday, April 24, 2011

What a Day! 2nd Mini Triathlon, Hash, Shiggidy Concert

I don't even know where to begin...Get something to drink and a snack - this is going to be a long one. So Saturday morning, we started around 8am heading to Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack to help prep for the big day. I had printed out signs for all Mr. X's sponsors, so Michael started staple gunning them to the VIP tent.

There's Mr. X amidst the various tents and stage. So quiet...

Then registration for the National St. Kitts-Nevis Triathlon began (albeit slowly). Carla, who sells pottery and runs pottery-making workshops for kids, asked if I'd run for another team. Why not? We'll be team #101.

No one on our team knew each other but Marcia would be swimming, and then we'd be getting Curtis, a young man from Nevis to do the bike section. Nevis has a very serious biking/triathlon club that does not mess around. I knew we were in pretty good shape with that addition. Here we are. Yes, I did a little editing here, Curtis's eyes were closed in one picture.

Michael was biking for his team, on a mountain bike no less, so we were feeling very sporty.

The race was supposed to start at 10am, but unsurprisingly, people were showing up late, so we didn't get our instructions until about 10:30/10:45. Now, there were actually 2 races being run. The Olympic: 1.5KM swim/40K bike/10K run; and the Sprint: 750KM swim/20K bike/5K run. I can tell you that there was a lot of complaining when we found out that the Olympians would be starting first and then the Sprinters would be starting an hour later. It was already late, and now we'd have to wait another hour? Whaaa. Groan. Complain. Ok, moving on.

I think there were 6 groups signed up for the Olympic version of this insanity. 3 individuals and 3 teams. Time for them to get their swim on. At least they were going to have calm waters. Very calm.

While we waited...

And then it was time for the Sprint swimmers.

First one back - go David!

Kat was in there and kicked butt as usual (sorry, I caught you with the "condom" cap on).

Then came Mr. X.

A relieved Tina.

Here came my team-mate, 3rd from last but feeling good.

Carla bringing up the rear. We were yelling at her to put her feet down and the run the rest, and she did...Good job everyone!

Time to bike! When I got out to the street, I was surprised to see the Olympic bikers already coming in for the 2nd and 3rd laps. Sheesh.

Nat keeping score. Ron hanging out until he had to go to his water-giving spot for the runners.

Then the Sprint bikers started to make it around their first lap. The Olympians had to go the airport and back 4 times, the Sprinters 2. There's Tanya! Kat talked her into doing the bike section for her literally at the last minute (I think Kat is now indebted big time). Yay, she's in! Boo, she has to go back out again.

Michael done. Woohoo!

Ooh, here comes Curtis and boy was he kicking butt. He had overtaken a lot of other teams.

My turn to get going! I felt a bit of pressure to not let Curtis down after he had done so well on the bike, so really pushed it. All I can say was it was incredibly hot. I mean, you could see mirages on the asphalt. I hadn't felt that hot since our time in Arizona. Wow. I passed a few more people, slapped palms with Kat and little Steven going one way, Mr. X going another (I was in front of him), and was feeling awesome until I got lost. Can you frickin' believe it? I ended up adding about 1/2 mile to my run (uphill, no less) and then sprinted to get back where I should have been. I'd be darned if I'd let the people I passed get in front of me again. Here I come!

Slap our palms. We did it!! The course itself wasn't all that grueling (well, if you were only doing one leg of it anyway), but the heat really kicked our butts. If the triathlon organization does this again next year, they need to start earlier. Much earlier. Oy.

I think this was the winner. If he was it was an upset because Reggie from Nevis always wins! We missed the award ceremony, but as soon as I get the stats, I'll let you know how we did.

There was a buffet after the whole shindig, but I was soooo not hungry. I wasn't thirsty either, which wasn't a good thing. 1 bottle of water and 1 soda for the day. Michael ate for both of us. That's Sati dishing out some grub and all happy. He didn't look quite that cheerful when he found himself still serving up grub until 10pm...

Upon our return a couple of boats that had taken part in the fishing tournament came back with their catch, but we didn't take pictures if it because we thought the affair was gross. Now you'd think we'd just relax and revel in our accomplishments, but noOOooOOoo. It was time to hash. The hounds gather.

And we're off...again. Oy. You must note that Laura, who was leading the hash runners had just done all three legs of the Olympian tri by herself...

Before we knew it we were in the land of the thorns and getting quite the view (some folks scared of heights actually turned around).

These women had quite a bit of commentary on the trail and I can't say it was exactly complimentary. I just kept reminding them that it was really Popcorn's fault.

At one point we had to cross a road and then go up another cliff. I turned around to make sure that everyone saw where they had to go (in case they couldn't follow the yellow ties) and couldn't believe how far behind the next group was. How does that happen? So I waited 10 minutes (!), pointed, and moved on. Anyone any further behind was on their own. I figured Popcorn would catch up to them and direct, which he did. I think more people quit here, as I'm not sure I mentioned, it was really hot!

Once we got to the water tower, we ran across a...

bedframe. What the heck was that doing there? Popcorn and Doggy Style were going to get "married" later, was this the soon to be marital bed? Weird.

More up..........Whaaaaa, groan, gripe. Stupid Popcorn...cry-baby

And down. Slip, slide, trip. Whaa, groan, gripe. Stupid Popcorn...walking-home-crying Seriously, a hang glider was out of the question?

We soooo wanted to be down there. Look at the people in that cool water. Look at that pool. Hear the steel pan music playing at Mr. X's. Faster! Faster!

Finally, we're in the trees. We're almost there! Hey, are those tomato plants? No? Sure they are, keep moving...

And we were there. Ah, to be sitting down and looking at everyone else still coming down. Priceless.

The runners had a different scenario, going through Half Moon,

across the golf course,

down the beach...passed the Marriott

and then up the same way the walkers went. Piece of cake!

Is that the end? Of course not! Now it was time for the down down's. Tradition has it that whoever sets the hash has to down a beer (or other beverage) after everyone tells them what an "absolutely shi**y hash" it was and then sings. I repeat, I just tied the ribbons, darn it! Yep, that's all I needed to add to my stinky self, beer poured over my head.

Of course, Mr. X threw this whole affair...

Then it was the moment we'd been waiting for. A hash (FAKE!) wedding between Popcorn and Doggy Style. If this had been the real thing, I think it would have been Popcorn's 10th wife or something...Flower pooch (Betsy). The "groom" with Michelle as "maid of honor?" and the "bride" with Laura (another Laura) standing alongside. Scary, I know.

The kiss (eew).

A toast (aaw).

And if that wasn't enough, Peter got called out for wearing new shoes (it was a hash wedding) and had to pay the price. (eew)

At the end instead of throwing rice we were supposed to douse them with our beverages, but many of us were empty handed (or not willing to part with our drinks). Of course, as you'll see in the video, a couple of people got a bit carried away...Anyway congratulations to the happy couple. Again people, it wasn't real despite the rumors. Here's the whole event. You might want to spike your drink now (video).

Afterwards, we really needed to take a shower and take an Advil (or 3), so did that and back we came. While gone, we missed the winner/trophy announcements. Incredibly, they were still serving food! Michael ate two more heaping plates of rice/beans & pasta salad. I still wasn't hungry or thirsty. Still smiling Sati?

Then it was time for the bands. All the bands that had played for Mr. X since the beginning: Kenny Byron, Frankie G, Star Shield, Masud & Jazzique, Royaltiez, and KC-5 were there. There was lots of dancing going on, the Amazing Blazing Fire-Man made an appearance, and then the fireworks started. Every time we thought they were done, more went off. As usual, it was a great display; Bob never disappoints. If you're wanting a 4th of July moment, here you go (video). I set the whole shabang to Frankie G's Shiggidy Shack song so you can all sing along.

We goofed around a bit more, that's Thorne (in his 20s!) who is a giant compared to just about everyone.

Some of the Shack regulars proud of their special certificates. I think that's Dwight's suave face.

By 11, my back just couldn't take it anymore. I had been standing, running, hiking, standing with a rare plop in between for more than 12 hours. I headed home and Michael went back and partied until 2am. He said that Mr. X shut down the bars at one point and let the staff who had worked their butts off all day get their grooves on. Cool. Now that was a full day. My appetite is starting to come back and I have had a glass of water (and another Advil). The power went out this morning making us glad we have a gas stove and we headed for the beach to lay inert for a couple of hours. Happy Easter! bunny-suit