Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still Here

Well, the rapture may not have happened (or no one was worthy enough to benefit from it), but a miracle did occur today. On May 22, 2011 at about 2pm, Renee got into the ocean. That's right - all the way even. Such an event doesn't normally occur until much later in the summer, so it goes to show that the water is definitely warming up here already. All I know is that the sun felt really, really good today. We actually hit 3 beaches today and got plenty of color (I'm not sure why all the pictures are coming out so overexposed).

Before the sun graced us with its presence, Saturday was a bit dreary, so we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. There was a record 20 people in the theater this time. We enjoyed it and were glad to see the clouds had dissipated by the time the movie ended. When we got down the peninsula today, it was amazing how green things got so quickly. We've had some serious downpours at night and they're definitely bringing the island back to life.

Speaking of life, I'd prefer these to stay outside, thank you.

We've been inundated with ants lately too and since no product I put on those things worked (from pesticides to "natural" methods), I used a sure thing...duct tape. No ants!

Lots of these caterpillar-type things.

I didn't appreciate Jack bringing me a huge cockroach. Nor am I too pleased with the red ant bites currently burning my ankle. Yep, spring is here.

Makes me want to go to the beach! All I can say, is that it still awes us that we can go to such a beautiful, white sandy beach and be there completely by ourselves. Our pals over in Banana Bay were by themselves for awhile too. There just aren't too many places you can get that kind of isolation.

Unfortunately it's not all bliss, as thugs are targeting The Strip/Frigate Bay area again, so please be careful down there at night.