Sunday, May 15, 2011

That Time of Month

This is how Michael 'earns' his "employee" status at Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack. These free cups come so stuck together, that they become unusable. Well, unless you have someone like Michael who's patient enough to separate them for you.

So we finally had a slight break in the heat, when we actually had some thunderstorms roll through Friday night. Awesome! We woke up the next morning and had clear skies for the first time for days. Well, actually I didn't see them when I first got up, because I agreed to go running down the southeast peninsula with Kat (and 2 others) at 4:30am and the sun wasn't up yet. You'll remember that Kat is the crazy person who runs/bikes/swims like the energizer bunny, enters races on whims and wins them, etc. etc. Now, I normally run 8 or 9 miles down the peninsula about twice/week and then do short but steep hill runs 2 other days. This one would be a 12 mile run. Am I nuts? That was a hypothetical question, BTW.

I was actually feeling pretty good one way, but started getting leg cramps and soreness on the way back. The hills started to whoop my butt and I ended up having to walk a bit, but luckily I walk as fast as many people run, so didn't get too far behind everyone. I was very happy to see a water hose about 3/4 of the way back and lapped water up like a puppy and then managed to finish about 5 minutes behind everyone else. Kat tells me I was probably looking at just over a 13-minute mile - for 12 miles. Not bad, considering. She excitedly pointed out that I've now run a half-marathon and can run with her (and a bunch of others) in Barbados in December. We'll see. Did I mention that I sweat so much my .mp3 player got fried? Sigh. If it dries out and starts working again, I'll have to start putting it in a baggie. Unsurprisingly, I later had difficulty getting up and down my stairs, my calves were so tight, but after some ibuprofen I was ready for Round 2 - the Hash!

This one would start between Cockleshell Bay and Banana Bay and was supposed to be a bit easier than the last couple. Of course, it's all relative. By now, the soupy skies and humidity were back, but we were all rather relieved to not have to contend with the scorching sun, so no complaints. With the students back from spring break, we had a big crowd.

And we're off.

Watch your step - did Miss T do that?? I think not.

We ended up in the awesome neighborhood of Turtle Beach Estates & Bungalows.

What's not so awesome, is the massive hills these houses are on.

Let's take a moment and enjoy the view, shall we? Pant. Pant.

Going down!! Yay! What's the deal with these frickin' thorns? Boo!

Ok, we're back in the neighborhood and it's flat!

I love this house. Seems like I have a favorite every hash.

Onto Turtle Beach!

I don't know if this sign was put up to be serious - we should pray for lost souls - but someone's put lost soles under the sign and, well, that was funny.

Passing The Beach House Restaurant. What's cooking??!

Onto Cockleshell Beach!

Ok, this is new. What the heck is a Seaweed Splash? I asked the people hanging around, but no one knew.

This is tempting...

Here's what the runners were experiencing:

Their view:

And then we were back and it was time for the ceremonies. Now this is just pathetic. What do you suppose is under those plastic bags? New shoes! Mikey-Mike Drink up!

So what do we have here? Is that Kat?

No, it's now Carib Kat. Appropriately, Kat has been initiated with her new hash name, embodying her obsession and carb-loading drink. We're trying to get her sponsored by the Carib brewery, seriously.

If that wasn't enough, she also earned her 25th hash t-shirt (yes, we have ours already). Wahoo!

Little Steven (I bet he hates that we call him that) got his 50th!

Heather/Jailbait her 225th!!!!!

Percy/de Ninja his 250th!!!!!!

Think about it, we hash every 3 weeks. 250 is A LOT of hashing over a LONG period of time (and no, hashes on other islands don't count). Congratulations!

Aack, stampede! Someone yelled - bonfire & marshmallows.

Ah yes, another Saturday on St. Kitts. what-do-you-do-for-fun-