Thursday, June 16, 2011

Criminal Discount

Well, this explains everything. A career criminal convicted 25 times (wonder how many times he's been arrested), begged for a sentencing discount because he'd frequented the court so many times. But that's not the crazy part. HE GOT IT! That's right - the Newtown man was running around town with a knife yelling "A gon kill somebody…a gon kill somebody," picked and chased a victim, got arrested, and then pleaded his case that if other people get discounts for being "regular customers" that he should too. THE JUDGE AGREED. Someone in the comments section of the article said that this particular crazy man had been in court before for rape, among other things, and now this threat to life and not only was he let out on probation, but got a frickin' rebate, as it were. All I can say is wow. Apparently, this judge has given such a discount to another criminal as well.

I even question the charge - Armed with an offensive weapon. A guy with a looooong criminal history was threatening to kill someone, police actually witnessed the threat. Why the wimpy charge? How about intent to kill or attempted manslaughter? Get this beanhead behind bars for Pete's sake. People who screw their pigs get tougher sentences on this island (1 1/2 years). I'm still trying to figure out the difference between unlawful carnal knowledge which gets you a 15-year sentence and buggery which can only get you 10 years - even if you've been convicted of one or both before (article). As far as I can tell, they both include the rape of someone (or something) - just depends on which point of entry. Not only should both carry the same maximum sentence, but why isn't there a way for judges to sentence more time if someone has multiple infractions on his/her record? Sigh.

So what do we know about the judge on this case, Her Worship Josephine Mallalieu-Webbe? Well, in 2010 she took part in training to harness the "best practice" in the fight against crime and to review prosecutorial code. She's certainly not adverse to putting people in jail - sending a homeless guy away for 4 months for trespassing and a thieving employee for 9 months with hard labor even. Apparently these guys didn't know that if they had just committed more crimes, she might have discounted their time for bad behavior. She's listed as a coroner in one article and she's also the first national to have been certified in maritime law. When do you think this woman lost her mind?

If there's another side to this story (perhaps the judge is reading?), do share. I'd much rather believe that the story was just incorrectly reported than think that this is business-as-usual in the St. Kitts judicial system. Much.

It's like this in the workplace too. A friend of ours had his own shovel shoved into his neck by an irate employee (high-up, BTW). Thankfully it was all caught on video because when the police arrived, the ahole made up a story (he was threatened) and the 3 "witnesses" stuck with the lie. The company had to pay the jerk 2-weeks severance pay when they fired him because the employee wasn't actually working the day he threatened to kill his boss. No chance of jail time, no one charged with lying to the police... Did I mention, sigh?

Of course, who's to judge? Every time a city gets burned to the ground by idiot rioters because of a frickin' game, they should lose their team. Period. You know the world's gone mad when Canadians go bonkers, eh?