Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Quick Visit

Well our friends, Jim & Wendy, sailed in for a quick visit and should be headed to the next island later today. After sitting anchored in the too-yucky-to-swim-in Lagoon in St. Martin for months, they were pleased to spend a couple of hours at the pool. Jim also took advantage of being able to get a haircut somewhere that wouldn't leave hair all over the boat. You really can't beat that view for a salon.

We then went for a quick meal at Ziggy's and were disappointed to see that they'd taken panini's off the menu. As usual, just about every restaurant accommodates vegetarians by putting a bland veggie burger on the menu, and Ziggy's was no different. I was able to get a chicken quesadilla minus the bird though. It wasn't too bad. Our guests were unimpressed with their "real" burgers, which looked a lot like Michael's fake one, but the cheese fries were really cheesy. Seriously, any restauranteurs reading this - use some imagination! One restaurant thinks celery sticks & carrots count as an appetizer. Unless those veggies are in a bloody mary, give us a break. What do we look like bunny? Is it too much to ask for a veggie roti? This is really amazing considering how many Rastas, Indians, and vet-school vegetarians are on island. Good thing there are a few Indian restaurants here or we'd all be relegated to pizza. Why we don't eat out much...(well, that and the ever-rising prices).

We had some lightning and thunder (and rain) last night, not fun when you're on a sailboat (particularly one that was struck by lightning a few months ago), but all is well and the weather should improve giving our pals a decent sail. Should. Happy sailing!

Here's a cute picture of Michael and me taken by Jen at her party over the weekend. Adorable, I know :)