Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Pool Time/New Restaurant

After having so much fun at the pool the other day, we went to our own.

It was heavenly for a whole hour until a huge family, including a couple of very playful kids (read loud), took over the place and it was time to call it quits. We then decided to check out a new restaurant/bar right next to the Marriott on the ocean side - which meant it would have a breeze. The place is called SoBe Bay and replaces De Lime. They had a soft opening a couple of weeks ago and have been very popular with students and some Marriott folks, particularly on the weekends. The menu, typical American fare, is in flux. The name is taken from South Beach (Miami) and that's exactly what the decor denotes (they're on Facebook).

It was nice to sit outside and veg some more. They have a volleyball net (soon to have 2) so can accommodate tournaments for those looking for a bit more action.

Apparently, they have Mexican Night on Tuesdays and Tex-Mex BBQ on Sundays. They're hoping to expand on that with Korean nights, Kittitian buffets, and other ethnic evenings. A DJ plays on Saturday night starting with the 60s, then moving through the decades until the old fogies have karaoked to their favorite songs and are in bed, and the young people are grinding to theirs and still partying. The parking is a bit of a pain, so if you can walk do so. That said, be careful. There is security on the premises, but once you leave you need to watch yourself. FYI: If you've got laptops or phones and don't have tracking software on them, you're crazy. You can download this free software and not only have your stuff tracked if someone grabs it, but it'll even take their picture (assuming there's a camera on the device). I highly recommend you download it and at least give yourself a chance to recover your stuff (plus maybe we can start catching these f-ers). Anywho, at SoBe Bay, discounts for students and expats bring prices down to The Strip levels on a normal night. The owners of this place have a lot of plans for the Royal St. Kitts too, so stay tuned.

Today's surprise is that Merengue is here! They're on their way back down to Grenada for hurricane season and, unfortunately, won't be staying long. They've been waiting for 3 weeks for winds and finally have some, so want to keep moving. It'll be months before we see them again (we're trying to have a reunion with them and some other boaters in March) so will have to swap hugs that'll last us a while.