Monday, June 13, 2011

Long Weekend

So I got the edits back on my book (I believe they've accepted my latest title A Sail of Two Idiots) and have had to plow through those to meet an early July deadline. That means that I'm brain dead on my down time and don't want to read or write anything. The blog suffers...Sorry about that, but you'll just have to bear with me.

We ran the 1st ever Health & Fitness 5K in Frigate Bay on Saturday morning. The three people who organized it, Carla, Leigh-Ann, and Marcia did a great job and even completed the race themselves. There was quite a good crowd considering the early hours and, as usual, was rather diverse. I don't have a lot of pics, as I was running and trying to not pass out from the heat (at 7:30am!), but here is the competitive bunch.

John, on the left there, actually ran with a 2" splinter in his foot, then went to the hospital to have it removed, and then came back for some grub.

You can see Michael & Kat in the front there (although there were 3 guys in the lead).

I was pretty much in the middle of the group. Here comes the finish line! YAAAAAY!!! Of course, this required a picture before leaping gratefully over the line.

So the winner, who had legs so long I will always think of him as Daddy Long Legs now, finished the 3 miles in 19 minutes. Michael & Kat weren't too far behind finishing in about 22 minutes. I was 8 minutes behind them. That's a respectable 10-minute-mile but considering how much I run was a bit disappointed. I'm used to running early to beat the sun and get my butt kicked by the rays every time. I wasn't alone though - one student who runs a lot and was near the lead got overwhelmed by the heat right at the finish line and had to be helped over and then was given medical attention. On the one hand, you want to start these things earlier, but on the other no one wants to get up that early. Food came a bit later (good veggie patties) and I think trophies were handed out, but it took a while to get all that coordinated and we had things to do.

There's a 10K coming up in July, sponsored by Caricom. We're not sure about that one yet.

After that came time to celebrate a birthday at my favorite pool on the island.

Happy Birthday Jen!

Dave, the birthday spouse, cooking away.


The water was incredibly warm. Of course, that was not a complaint.

As the night went on, we got more and more silly of course. That's Ray obsessed with the water features posing as if the stream originates, um, elsewhere.

We had a good time. We also slept in the next day. Once at the beach, we were shocked to discover about 1/4 of it littered with trash brought in with the tide. This was 10-minutes worth of garbage gathering. Yuck! Lots of water bottles and juice sippy bags. Hrmph.

Water-wise, the Atlantic was almost as warm as the pool. A friend of ours who went fishing last week registered a 91 degree reading at one point. Wow! Buoys near the island have us around 84.

Today, Michael has off for Whit Monday, but I still need to get some edits done. Green Valley/Cayon is on their last festival day and will be having a parade around 2pm. We just might check it out (gotta find my earplugs first).