Monday, June 6, 2011

Save the Turtles! Sandy Bank

Another calm day at the beach.

While Mike was getting caught up on the latest gossip,

I was beach walking (with Steve aka The Big Dip) and ran into another beach comber who's been keeping up on the latest leatherback turtle layings & hatchings. She went to an area where a momma turtle had laid her eggs around 6 weeks ago. Sure enough there were lots of little turtle tracks from that spot down to the ocean.

Unfortunately, one didn't make it.

One of the guys from the turtle organization here told Michael that the new fences they put on the beach to add sand to the dunes, was affecting the turtles. He said that a few of the nests were right at the edge of the fences and that the structures were building up sand over the nests. Mama turtles know exactly how deep to lay their eggs and exactly how far up their offspring can dig. These fences may be doing wonders for the beach (and giving the turtles a place to lay the eggs), but they're also burying any nests that get dug too close. It's never simple. So while this one didn't quite get to the top in time, a young girl was able to save another one that was clearly about to quit. That was very exciting and got us all digging. While we didn't find any more (not even the broken eggs), the "turtle people" were called into the rescue and hopefully will be able to assist should any more newbies need a lift out of the sand and into the ocean.

In the meantime, lightning and thunder was off in the not-too-far distance, so we decided to call it a day. Wonder if we'll have an illuminating evening? I'll take it if it means some wind. Yes, please.