Sunday, June 5, 2011

An Amazonian Hash

Whewy, now that was a hot, sticky hash. This one was in Molineaux and was a pretty good hash (well, for the walkers). We've had some rather hard pours every few nights, plus this area is on the edge of the rainforest, making this trek a very tropical one. Most of the trail was on this nice road, so while undulating, did not involve thorns, direct contact with razor grass, or any other crappy hash hazards.

A rather unpleasant addition though, were these boys on bikes from the neighborhood who kept racing through us (one time plowing into Heather and her dogs). It was nice to finally get onto narrow trails and leave them behind us.

This little guy, skipped his way through most of the hike. Yep, I called him Skipper.

Most of the time we were wandering around in what really felt like the Amazon rainforest. Look at how lush this is!

Oooh, spooky.

I'm surprised this picture didn't show the copious amounts of sweat dripping from my noggin - so much for my new do.

We ended up in the neighborhoods of Mansion & Lodge, which was a rather odd experience for us and for the residents.

In keeping with the Amazon theme, the locals were definitely unaccustomed to seeing a bunch of people in hiking gear trudging through their streets, quite a number of us white. Kids and adults were just staring wide eyed at us, which was a bit discomforting. I was alone passing through one of the villages and felt a bit vulnerable, but seemed to intrigue people more than anything. Each house here had a goat tethered in front.

When the hares were setting the hash, they came to a "dead end" when they hit a guy's farm, but simply asked him if he'd let us go thru. He had this make-shift metal fence we all had to be sure to open & close to keep sheep out and had to stick to his plowed earth section, but he was nice enough to say yes. By now, I had sweat on the camera lens - hrmph.

As we came to the plowed earth part, I heard the woman behind me yell "What this be? Poo poo?" I'm happy to say it was not poo poo.

Is that callaloo???!! How do we get some of this? We had callaloo soup in Grenada and it was awesome. We've never seen the plant again...until now.

There are lot of sugar plantation ruins around, and we meandered up to this chimney.

It was so humid, you could barely see the ocean in the distance.

Ah, the views and greenery.

This really was a pretty hike - good job Jail Bait & Max Factor!

So the walkers took about 45 minutes to complete their circuit and then we waited...and waited...and waited. Jail Bait finally called Max Factor and asked where the heck they were and about 10 minutes later, the group came running in to cheers from the well-rested walkers. The hounds had been out for about an hour and 45 minutes! Everyone was so sweaty that they were literally wringing copious amounts of fluid from their clothing. Eew.

The usual activities followed, with most of us too lazy to get up.

One woman got a down-down for losing her soul/sole when the entire bottom of her shoe fell off. Incredibly, even my shoes are starting to come unglued - I've worn them 7 times!!!!!!!! This one got called out for not wearing sleeves, but tattooing them on.

This little hasher was getting her 25th hash t-shirt, but it was a bit big (they'll get her a smaller one).

And finally, another hash-name christening. Now, Steve, who has been hashing for years and years on St. Kitts, came back as sweaty as the rest of us, but here's the difference: He changed his shirt, just stood around, and ended up as sweaty as he was after the walk. His new name? The Big Drip.

His wife is Bull Bait. His co-workers are Carib Kat and Jingle Balls; they're trying to get Big Sexy hired. We're all adults with respectable jobs, and some have even raised (or continue to raise) successful offspring. Are we nuts?

So that was that. I don't think people hung around too long, as 1) we were on a public road and had traffic trying to get through all the time; and 2) it was buggy! We had a lot of fun though, as usual. Remember, you too can take part in this insanity. If you're here in St. Kitts just check out my calendar and simply come to the next one. Wherever else you are in the world, there's most likely a chapter (or 2) as well. On! On!