Friday, June 3, 2011

Only in St Kitts

So last week I was informed of an interesting offer for dad's on Father's Day here in St. Kitts: Adult entertainment at the new bar in Sandy Point called the G-Spot. If you're a dad, not only can you ditch your family on your big day, but you get to enjoy a little pole & lap dancing from a 1/2-naked woman who did not give you those kids. If that doesn't say "family values" quite enough for you, then you'll be thrilled to hear that prizes will be given to the youngest fathers in the bar. Now lest you worry that 12 year olds with their own broods show up to claim their winnings (or start trying to impregnate someone so they win next year), don't fret, they have to be at least 18 (although that's only because the gov't just passed a new law blocking "kids" under 18 from going to clubs). Now, the radio ad was heard about 2 weeks ago and hasn't been heard again, so maybe someone came to their frickin' senses and canceled the fun, but you just might want to put it on your calendar if this sounds like the right thing to do for you (you'll note it's not on mine). And if it does, I really feel sorry for your baby(ies) momma(s)...

Another thrill was our latest electric bill. The usage was the same as always, but this month, we got a little surprise when an $81 fuel charge was added along with a $13 standing charge. We're getting an additional $100 (almost) added to our bill now? The scary part is that we don't know what these extra charges will be month to month so can't plan. Sigh. I know that the gov't is the biggest user of gas on the island, with the electric generators consuming a lot of it, but considering that the government gets a rather nice discount from Venezuela, is this really necessary? All I can say is ouch. All this to sit in a puddle of my own sweat because now I won't even turn the ceiling fans on...(well, until beddie-bye time). melting

So after cutting my own hair since October (yes, I know that explains it), haircut I went to a professional today. My senility kicked in when I got the time wrong and showed up an hour late. Luckily, this is the island's mon and people don't get too put out about stuff like that. Whatcha think?

I had planned on going shorter, but it will never be that straight again, so once it starts to curl up like usual, it'll be shoulder length. I also might look like Florence Henderson,

as opposed to Kendra

but we'll deal with that when we get there.

Maxine, at the Pink Daisy Salon & Spa, has hired Priscilla, who had her own hair salon in Phoenix, and she did a fantastic job. Plus, she's incredibly nice. She also does waxing, pedicures, and manicures for those of you into that kind of thing. Priscilla and her husband have only been here 2 weeks, so go and make her feel welcome! I couldn't convince her to the hash...yet. The salon is located above Rituals (phone # 869-763-9647)