Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ya Mon at The Strip and the St. Kitts Music Festival

So I finished my edits!! Of course, my edits of the editor's edits are being edited yet again, so the ping pong goes on, but getting through the first pass was a relief. I spent all day yesterday, going through 3 years of photos for possible use - where, we're not sure yet. The title of the book is A Sail of Two Idiots with a subtitle still being revamped. They even sent me a cover sample, which I'm not sure they want me to share, but let's just say it's pretty cool to see it all coming together.

Last night was our last TGIF at The Dock with Charlie & Tanya. Boo.

Of course, we'll see them again today at the hash and Sunday at the beach (it's a small island). We've got Charlie in this picture, but Tanya was too busy drinking champagne somewhere. What's more amazing is having Steve & Pat in the photo. They were at The Dock!! These two hardly ever go out to The Strip! It was fun to see them in a different setting. Of course, we'll see them at the hash too.

The group then headed over to Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack for some grub and continued partying, while we went to the mostly reggae night at the St. Kitts Music Festival. We missed most of the 1st act, Yellow Man, who sounded pretty good. Really enjoyed everything Cocoa Tea sang and then jammed even harder to Maxi Priest. By the time that set was over, it was about 1am. A couple of other guys came up playing to track music, ho hum, but we hung in there until Gyptian came on. Of course, then it was 2am, so we lasted until about a quarter til 3 and decided to call it a night, or morning as it were. And, of course, I was then up 3 hours later...I haven't stayed up that late since the last time we went to the Festival a couple of years ago. It was a lot of fun and people watching was a real hoot, but the fact that I can't sleep when the sun is up makes doing these things a bit of a drag. I'm tired!!! We weren't allowed to take pictures, so if you want to look you'll have to go to the Festival's website or SKNVibes photo gallery.

I really must mention the people watching again. Women were wearing their tightest, shortest dresses and men wore their best meat-market outfits too. My favorite was a guy with a t-shirt just like the one to the right. Classy. We could not have had a better temperature for the concert last night. There was a great breeze, no bugs, and very little rain. That said, it would sprinkle the tiniest bit and all the people standing on the lawn (we brought chairs) would move slowly under various vendor tents. Then when no downpours happened, everyone would saunter back out. This happened about 5 times, until the 5th one when it actually did pour. We put our chairs over our heads and hoped it would end quickly - which it did, although we still got a bit wet.

PeeingSo the concert was fun, but there were only 2 toilets working for the women and, of course, no toilet paper. After a while, the ladies started going into the men's room and using the trough. Michael said that the women had no qualms whatsoever about dropping their knickers or hiking up their skirts and doing their thing, while the men were hovering in the corner trying to hide their junk. Weird. It also took a bit too long between sets (anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour) so if they get that under control, maybe the concerts won't go until 4am. They did have good popcorn though - that's right Steve - we had popcorn for dinner (again). It is a food group, you know!

Bankie Banx (Anguillan musical artist) was there, watching not performing, and apparently is going to be playing at Sunshine's beach bar in Nevis on Sunday (at 5pm)- there's nothing about it on Sunshine's Facebook page (shocking). I've never heard him before, but doubt we'll go over. He talked to Mr. X last night and suggested he might play for the Shiggidy Shack for the 4th of July X-travaganza. Wouldn't that be cool?

So today is the summer solstice hash where we're supposed to dress up/dye our hair rainbow-y. We don't happen to have that kind of stuff in our wardrobe and can't just run to a Target or something, so guess we'll just be blah. I've been told that the walker's trail is full of views, so I'm charging my camera now. The runners are all groaning already as their trails are being set by Viking John and are likely to be rather difficult.

For our Sunday pleasure, Spice Mill has started their SummerFest events, and will have their version of the Musicfest down on the beach (no time given).

You know, I never get tired of seeing these guys.