Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Summer Solstice

So for yesterday's hash we were supposed to dress up rainbow-y to celebrate the summer solstice. One thing we learned about this exercise is how little rainbow-y stuff we have in our closet. Not even colored socks! Well, this group managed to pull something together (you can't see Kat's masterpiece here, but we'll catch her later)

Viking John and Tina giving us our marching orders.

And off we went. We had quite a good walking crowd.

We ended up in the neighborhood around Monkey Hill, and Viking John got called out later for including too much concrete on this hash.

Then we headed for the hills. Up, up and up.

Very green.

I love when these white birds sit on the cows like this,

The sweaty incline was worth it though, look at these views!

We circled sofa stone and then returned the way we came (prompting a bit of whining - as it was possible to return a different way). That's The Big Drip in the lead, turning the hash into a bit of a race (he would have to do a down-down for this later)

What do we have here? Why this is Popcorn turning around BEFORE the rock - which makes him a short-cutting bast**d (which he paid for later)

Crossing paths with the still-climbing walkers.

And then the runners (there's Carib Kat in the lead - shocking - not).

Is that Jingle Balls in the middle of the runner's pack?? And note they're not actually running? Now that is shocking!

Once back, Popcorn drank not one but 3 beers for his down-down - all at once. Does that mean he's got a credit and doesn't have to drink the next 2 that come his way?

Then it was time for a few naming ceremonies. Everyone had noticed in the hash email telling us where to meet that the hash was set by Viking John and Burnin' Bush. Burnin' Bush?? Who the heck was that? It turns out that Viking John had named Tina, which is not how it works. John was asked to explain how this came about so that Tina could be officially named, and this resulted in kids having to cover their ears.

Then the "baptism." Burnin' Bush isn't too happy with her new name, but she's not getting any sympathy from Jingle Boobs, sorry.

Then it was time to say good-bye to these die-hard hashers, who have been on-island for over a decade (got married here even). We couldn't let Charlie Tuna and Copper Top's kids leave un-named, so it was time for them to get anointed.

Meet Striker


and Sugar N Spice

Being hash regulars, they were good sports about it.

They even got gifts.

Copper Top and Da Ninja having a sentimental moment. Who's going to design our t-shirts now???

I'm sure they'll be back to visit.

Unfortunately, today is supposed to deteriorate weather-wise, so we're hoping to get in some beach time before that happens. It's looking a bit cloudy though - boo.