Monday, June 27, 2011

Reggae Beach Insanity

Well, the weather held for us, saving the thunder and lightning until about 2 this morning. After a quick stop at Sandy Bank so I could get some exercise and Michael could get some reading in, we ended up over at Reggae Beach (Cockleshell). This would be the Lovrics' last Sunday bash on this beach for a while (ever?) so we stayed until after the sun set. The liming lasted until someone found this huge noodle-type thing and everyone had to give it a shot (except Pat with a bum knee & a migraine and me without health insurance).

Charlie got into the act

until this happened.

Steve and Heather

until Heather was down.

Tanya looked quite poised up there.

Of course, Kat - with Molly for support

Nat's turn!

Michael was on the thing just about all afternoon.

Uncle Mikey, the jungle gym.

Group picture!

An exhausted Steven.

He probably should have stayed there as it was all fun and games until someone got hurt, of course. The little guy found himself wiping away tears and sitting on a lounge chair icing a very swollen knee. Sigh (and you scoffed at my health insurance comment).

We split a final bucket of beer and headed to our cars, where it was time to deal with an island car - making sure Heather could get home without her radiator overheating.

Yep, a typical day on the island..