Sunday, July 10, 2011


So today, we tried to ignore the latest murder (last night), and a coincidental headline about Mexico City's woes - 40 killed in 24 hours - and ran for the mountains. No really, we went into the rain forest to help hares Bull Bait and The Drip set next weekend's hash. It'll start in the area around Caribelle Batik and take us to some great ruins nearby (we didn't even know they were there). Before we got started, we ran into Elvis from Spectrum Tours, who was quite proud of a new bar he's set up so his ATV customers can quench their thirst after a rough ride and asked him for advice.

Pat & Steve have set many a hash in the area, so we figured the most this exercise would take us was 2 hours. Four hours later, we finally made it back to the car. Lots of barbed wire has gone up to keep in/out cows, so places we'd normally be able to criss cross were now off limits. We wanted to get across there - but noooOOOooo.

Other areas, like the railroad tracks, that we expected to use were so overgrown that even our machetes weren't enough to cut through. We had to keep backtracking and trying to find alternatives, so by the end of it we were all quite parched and I had a nice sunburn. Hrmph. We did get it all set though and only have to go back later in the week and drop some sawdust to get the runners trail set. Setting hashes is a lot of work, this is my 3rd joint effort this year!, but we appreciate doing them so want to do our part. For you hashers reading, I'll give you a couple of pictures to whet your appetite, but will save the rest I took for next week so I don't ruin the surprise. This hash will be a little easier than most, following ATV roads and other tracks, so there will be no slippery gravel, razor grass, or prickly bushes. If you complain about this one, we give up.

We had a great view of the crater today.

Recognize what's in the distance?


At one point, we ran across 6 little puppies cleverly hidden in a little section of ruin. How cute are they?

We think we have a pretty good hike for everyone, so here's hoping to nice weather for next Saturday.