Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Social Networking

So I was just reading about yet another social networking site, this one Google+. How many sites do we need to keep going to and putting all our personal crap on? I walk a fine line on the blog, and even cross it occasionally, but don't feel the need to update it every other second (nor did I show you the ugly bite/infection I had on my leg last month). Someone once told me I wasn't a true blogger because I didn't update my site every day. Fine with me. Others are telling us on Twitter every time they have a bowel movement. Or sending us stupid questionnaires on Facebook. Anyone still sending music playlists via MySpace? Even LinkedIn keeps harassing me. How did I end up with 5 email addresses? And now, we've got Google+. I must be getting old because, I really don't want to switch or add yet another frickin' social service to my mix. The only reason I'm on Facebook is because businesses are and it's the main way I'm finding out what's happening on the island. Sometimes though, all I want to do is this: Clubbing Computer.

Split Screen I love technology (would rather text than talk and online banking/investing has been our savior). I'm a computer geek, no doubt about it, but I'm heading for overload. I'm a bit jealous of those who can just disconnect and walk away, but if you're still working that's a bit impractical. If you've got family, they won't be pleased either. I can't even figure out how to work Michael's Blackberry, but I'm glad I waited because it's becoming passe already and phones like iPhone are becoming all the rage and they're easier to use (someday I might even be able to afford one). I'm hoping I can skip this latest fad too. I'll wait until we all have our own personal drones following us every second of the day so we can all be like the Kardashians (and other 24/7 reality "stars") and broadcast our whereabouts and doings to everyone all the time effortlessly. I'll never have to type again. The drones will be like mini-blimps with lots of little screens and a scrolling news bar so I can see what everyone else is doing while I walk into an open manhole or something. Of course, all the people around me won't notice because they'll be staring at their own blimps, but all my followers will see it and send help.

I was also wondering - am I the only one who hears an Indian accent when I online chat with a customer service representative? I had to ask my bank a question the other day, so started a convenient online chat with "Tim." When he typed "Hello, a very warm welcome to you in chat! My name is Tim. I will be delighted to assist you" (really), I just couldn't help but read it back with a Delhi accent (wait, I just did it again). Here's what I heard (video):

Speaking of technology time to get back to my book edits. Despite my some-time desire to throw this machine out the window (and the twice/week power outages), I would much rather have this than an old-fashioned typewriter or sheep's blood on papyrus or something. I'd have chiseled an awful lot of stone by now. Plus, without the internet and the web, I wouldn't have been able to share these thoughts with you. Think of how lacking your day might have been without this post. OMG, maybe we should all disconnect...