Monday, July 18, 2011

Underwater at Sandy Bank

Well, I figure you're tired of seeing the beach all the time, although it never gets old for us, so we went snorkeling to get you some pictures of something new. It's actually only the 2nd time I've snorkeled for fun here (I snorkeled from the boat plenty of times to clean the bottom and look for lost stuff, but that doesn't count). Unfortunately, the water was a bit cloudy so we didn't really see anything until we were up on it. We were at Sandy Bank, surprise surprise, and decided to tackle the right side if looking toward the ocean. Before we got in, we waited for a very large barracuda to move off and later wondered what the heck he was eating. There sure wasn't a lot of sea life out there. There's kind of a cliff of coral to follow. We saw 2 purplish/blue fish, a few sargeant majors, and then a number of tiny striped fish. That's pretty much it. Michael managed to catch me

and a needle-nose fish (that's not what they're called, but that's what I call them)

and saw a hawksbill turtle that moved so fast he couldn't catch it on camera. That's it. There were some neat purple fans,

some softer, plant-like corals

a bit of elkhorn

and some brain coral, so it wasn't completely devoid of life.

It did seem like a lot of it was bleached out, which is sad, but we found that in a lot of places we snorkeled. I suppose that's sad too.

Ok, now if you haven't had your coffee or breakfast yet, you might want to save this next picture for when your stomach is ready. If we had to see it, so do you.
You have been warned.

Got crack? Sheesh. You'd think she might have felt a breeze. Happy Monday!