Sunday, July 17, 2011

July Hash

Ah, another one down. We had a great hash starting in the Wingfield estates, wandering around and through the Lamberts Estate ruins, and then winding back. No rain even (it's on and off today). Being part of the hares meant standing in front of the hounds so we could give them their sniffing orders - we had a pretty good crowd.

The hounds following the hares! On! On!

What are those 2 women doing with sweat clothes on? It was hot!! Thankfully, we did have a little shade.

Lots and lots of views.

and even some fun playing around in the ruins at Lamberts, both outside

and inside.

I can't find a whole lot of info about that place other than the fact that it's an old sugar plantation (duh), but emailed the Heritage organization to see if they might share any interesting stories about it. I'm not even sure who owns the land and is restoring the site. Whoever they are, they're doing a great job. Runners & walkers both got to see the ruins, merging at one point.

Once back, we all had to do our down-downs for setting the hash.

I just couldn't get the beer down and ended up having it poured over my head.

Michael got a 2nd one when he got called out for setting the hash and still getting people lost.

Others got it for stepping in cow poop and farting on the hash master. We brought some guests, hash virgins, and they were good sports about their initiation.

We also gave a shout out to, which is an organization Popcorn's daughter is behind and we thought the Hash House Harriers fit their profile (if you discount the drinking part of the Hash festivities). Even Moby got in the act with his dog-on-a-stick act.

Then it was dusk and time to head home for a post hash shower. One of my favorite kinds.