Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tying up Loose Ends

Happily, I can report that that no one has lost their lives via foul play in the last 3 days. We'll take it. In the meantime, we've had a new police commissioner appointed. He's Kittitian but has been living in the States, working in Texas law enforcement for a # of years. Let's hope he hasn't bitten off more than he can chew and that the locals give him a chance and cooperate. I've got my fingers crossed!

Even more interesting, customs found something "suspicious" in their warehouse yesterday. Of course, it turned out to be a cache of weapons and ammunition. While I'm happy to hear that (well happy about the bust, not the weapons themselves), it's not like it's the 1st time. About a year ago they found a barrel of ammunition that had been there for a month (supposedly 2 people were arrested, but who knows if they're still in jail). It seems pretty obvious that someone in customs (or with access to the warehouse) is in on this, but you wonder if they're even pursuing that angle. We heard rumors of items coming in via shipping containers bringing in flower pots for hotels on-island too. Nothing a few metal-detector wands couldn't find. This isn't NY, the port isn't that busy. There wouldn't be much shock if they discovered guns or drugs on some of those "fishermen" that come into the various coves in the middle of the night either. I have to laugh at the comments people make on some of these articles. Everyone's so fed up and cynical that at this point sarcasm rules the day. The public relations officer initially wouldn't give details of the find, until others came to look at it basically, so there were comments from (I'm rewording here) - "What, they don't know what bullets and guns look like so they have to call in the experts?" to "What they mean by not wanting to jeopardize the investigation is that they want to give time to the people who brought in the goods to come up with cover stories or get out of town." Considering the package they found was "unmarked" one has to wonder how it got here at all. In a larger package? Possibly planted? In a place weary of crime and people wary of just about everyone, paranoia and indignation reigns. Security cameras might help.

Regarding good Samaritans, I have a couple more to add. An American couple who happened to visit here 10 years ago decided to just donate a bunch of education materials to the schools here. How nice was that? I also stumbled across a government department called the Ministry of Youth Empowerment and they're behind Youth Empowerment through Skills for folks 16-35 (started in 2009). A # of people just "graduated" from a 2-week program that taught them how to interview for a job and explained employer expectations (more of that please). They also provide computer training and teach other skills, giving those who want it a leg up (more people need to want it though). A blog reader also alerted me to a great organization called Operation Future. It's kind of like a Big Brother/Sister program. I like the idea of them using police to step in as role models and mentors, hopefully garnering respect instead of fear or distrust/mistrust. They're looking for new members to help "adopt" kids, perform speaking engagements, help out with sports activities, etc. The organization even has a t.v. show on ZIZ every 2nd Monday from 8:30 to 9:30pm to talk about youth/crime related issues. I think this group actually has hit a lot of the issues right on the nose and has great potential to do good. They need volunteers though. I'm terrible with kids (and many adults), so am afraid I'm no help there, but I will put the word out. If cats starting attacking people, I'll be first one to intervene. I'm the Cat Whisperer.