Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Rainy Yesterday was a wash with all the Culturama activities canceled thanks to rain that just went on and on. Stuck inside, we were amazed at how bad t.v. is during the day - who watches that crap? We thought about going to the movies, but there wasn't anything we wanted to see. You know, there isn't a lot to do on an island when it's raining. I ended up reading a book and Michael was watching the worst movies he could find on the tube and sleeping through them. The holiday day before, we played Mexican Train Dominoes. I suppose that's not the worst way to spend a day off (or two). It dried out overnight, giving us hope the sun would return today but noooOOOoooo. It's pouring. About every 5 minutes (seriously), it just outright pours. If we didn't have flooding before, I can pretty much guarantee we have it now. Well, the sun will have to come back sometime (right??!!) so I'm all dressed and ready to run. As soon as I see the slightest glare from a sun ray, I am sooooo out there. Running