Sunday, August 21, 2011

TS Irene Arrives

Now how come I have that song Come on Eileen stuck in my head? This has been yet another interesting storm to watch and I'm not sure how much we're actually going to get from it.

On Thursday it hadn't looked pretty, but we'd seen the same red splotches before. On Friday, we had a pretty sunset at The Strip and did a last check of radar only to see that the the blob had completely disintegrated. Well, we'd seen that happen before too.

Saturday was a mishmash of sun and clouds and, of course, we were staring at the reborn splootch again. Mike went into work to tie down a few things and I finished whatever changes on the blog I had left. I'm actually really proud of myself - the drop down menu bar, the categories listing, and a # of other features required a lot of code and I managed to figure it out. I still have one issue but I'm going to have to give up on it because my editor has asked me to cut over 100 pages from my book. Sigh. Anywho, where were we on the storm?

About 5:30pm on Sat we got some rain for about an hour but then that switched to just lightning. At 6:30, even though the thunder was quite a distance from the strikes, I decided to get my flashlight ready and sure enough at exactly 7pm the power went out for an hour. The rest of the night was very quiet.

I woke up just before midnight to stillness. Thinking maybe we had avoided the darn thing, I realized that, in fact, the storm was still out there and was now called Tropical Storm Irene. We were under a Tropical Storm Warning.

Here's what it looked like then:

Even from a distance the thing looked big.

Looking at the radar, it looked like Guadeloupe would get the worst of it really. But I closed a few more windows and brought some stuff from the outside patios indoors. Michael slept on....

Blue is usually just cloud cover, green is rain and possible thunderstorms.

It is raining now and the winds are coming up.

The storm is to our east at the moment.

Rain totals are supposed to be 4-7 inches with winds for us from 34 (91%) - 50 (10%) knots. Well, let's see what happens, shall we? Right before I posted this, I took another check of radar (the thing is moving pretty quickly and what looks like the worst of it is northeast of us already).