Thursday, September 1, 2011

We're Melting.......

Holy crap it's gotten hot. This is the kind of heat and humidity that just makes your eyes burn and makes you want to find a water source, get in, and never come out. You spend the whole day thirsty no matter how much you drink because all liquid is coming out of your pores. Yuck! We've been watching Hurricane Katia a bit, the first time this season a blob has gone hurricane while still to the east of us. The consensus seems to be that she'll go pretty far north of all the islands (although I did notice that its eventual closest point to us was over 400 miles yesterday but under 400 today - turn faster!).  With another 3 days to build as she comes toward us, I'll be surprised if we don't get some weather from it or an offshoot of it. In the meantime, she'll likely continue sucking the air from the atmosphere around us.  Drip....  I'm surprised no one's mentioned the smaller (although not small) swirly thing developing behind Katia. Guess I won't either.

How often do you guys get to ask your spouses if they've eaten their bananas or given them to the monkeys? I found myself asking that question yesterday morning. We're trying to get some vitamins in our system and both love bananas, but sometimes it's more fun to entice a monkey to come up close (not that they're exactly shy - I ran into one the other morning as I was coming out the front door and he didn't even move). Michael says he ate the bananas this time around. Good little primate.

That's it. We don't have the energy to do anything else (other than work, of course).