Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hash Limpics 2011!

Believe it or not, I actually missed this event. I've been working on a marketing video for my upcoming book, A Sail of Two Idiots, have a deadline, and knew I had many more hours to go as I worked on a voice-over for the darn thing. Michael represented though and took over a hundred pictures (oy, I'll never get off this computer), so fret not.

There weren't as many people this year (although still about 100). Of course, others showed up late, not paying attention to the email's big bold line about being there at 1:00 (instead of 3:30).

Anywho, the speakers were right on time. Notice the little umbrella?

Quite a number of chickens lost their lives for this event. I don't think Dame Carla cares though.

Certainly, no one was going to go thirsty.

You really couldn't beat the view from here.

Take note for any of you needing ideas for your next backyard BBQ, this day was for you. The first order of the day would be assigning teams and making flags. Meet your teams: Orange Crush, Green Giants, and the Blue Flames.

Then the adults got to throw coconuts.

The kids tossed a few eggs.

And then the 3-legged run kicked off. Adults first!

Then munchkins (1 leg short).

Of course all this is hot business, so some liquid replenishment is necessary.

Next up? Blindfolded balloon popping.

Now, I give kudos to anyone who participates in these things, but if you're going to enter a balloon popping contest, you probably shouldn't be afraid of, well, popping balloons. This chicka on Big Sexy's team did a great job getting to the balloons...

but then panicked and wouldn't pop the darn thing. She hoped gnawing through the line holding the balloon would count.

Denise thought this was hilarious and just about peed herself.

Big Sexy eventually popped it for her, but he also begged judge Jail Bait to let him change teams. Something tells me her answer was no.

Next up, the soak your towel and wring it out in a bucket til it's full game.

Time to take a break. Perhaps a little dancing. Posing. Or soaking.

That wasn't a gang sign right? Then it was time for Jail Bait to regather the troupes.

Unfortunately, a long-time hasher, Paddy (Toy Boy), is leaving us. He not only had to do 2 down downs for such a thing, but he had to do them at the same time.

He even got a plaque!

Other die hard hashers are going to miss him (including us).

Ok, back to the games. Oh no, not the spin around the stick and guzzle a beverage competition.

A few dizzy folks.

No cheating!

Here's another contest for that woman afraid of balloons - this time she can sit on it! Where'd she go?

The kids get a chance to make popping noises too.

This was a new one. Get in a huge sack,

and switch clothes with your partner. Hope everyone had underwear on!

And then run down the beach.  Too funny.


Of course, it all ended with a tug-of-war.

And the winners are!

Hey - what's Bob doing?

Fireworks!!! Don't blink, it was a quicky, but how cool was that?!

And finally a bonfire.

Go home already!!

The Halloween cats are waiting!

So it looks like we missed a good time. Great job with the pictures Mr. Mike (if you want to see all of them, they're here)! Thanks again to the Hash Limpic organizers as well. Today, a beach concert (I'm really sick of this laptop).