Monday, October 10, 2011

Latin Fiesta 2011

The 2nd Annual Latin Fiesta has come and gone and it was just as much fun as the last. Rain gliding off the Nevis coast right around the time the concert was supposed to start (about 2:30) probably rattled a few nerves, but the wet stuff stayed over the water before dissipating completely, so no worries.

There were people shaking their groove thing before anything really started.

Last year had a big crowd, but this year surpassed that by far.

Of course, people watching was always fun. This guy's bringing the pic back! There were several others with their pants down by their knees too. Sheesh.

Instead of a Flamingo dancer, this time around they had 3 couples that showed us how to do La Bamba. This dance is actually African-based, so has lots of drumming (my favorite).

One drummer is keeping a steady beat while the other mimics whatever the feet of the dancer are doing. It's fun to watch the La Bamba performer walk up to the drummer, shuffling their feet as fast as possible or spinning in circles with their skirts billowing, trying to out-do him, but he kept right up.

Of course, the poor guy was a puddle of sweat by the end there.

Even the audience members they pulled up there did a great job!

The band was bigger than last year and sang their hearts out.

If that wasn't enough, they even had a woman rolling out Cuban cigars.

Then it was time for some salsa. A salsa contest, no less. I think they should have saved this for later when people were a little less inhibited, but in the end, they managed to get enough people out on the floor do do their thing.

We ended up going over to the Lion Rock Bar & Grill next door for a little while just to get a break from the lovely, but loud music. Plus, Lion & Angela (Lion Rock owners) are really nice and the beer is cheaper there.

Seriously, we were behind the speakers and it was so loud that we still couldn't have a conversation, so we just watched from afar and tapped our toes and heads to be the beat.

When we got back, there was some kind of Latino electric slide going on on the dance floor. They were having so much fun, it was infectious.

The Latin Fusion and Havana Express played and played...

while we danced and danced. Some even took to the stage!

Most of the Latino/a people on the island are from Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Venezuela and are professionals, like doctors or embassy workers, but tonight they were just one big group of happy revelers. Dusk and still dancing!

Ok, the live bands were pooped. Time to switch from the exhausted singers and musicians to a DJ.

Some-day Kittitian Spice Girls? Heineken tip jar?

DJ Fish played for about an hour before attempting to shut it down. Of course, no one wanted it to end, so we kept yelling for one more. He kept obliging and was still doing so when we finally forced ourselves to leave. It was only 8pm, but we'd been going for over 5 hours now. This concert was conceived by Jose of Kajola-Kristada and, as the women on stage (below) pointed out, it's hard to find anyone else as compassionate, kind-hearted, outgoing, and just plain nice as Jose. You can't help but feel better for knowing him. Thanks for the fun Sunday and I'm sorry I sweated all over you (and everyone else)! Kudos to Spice Mill too for pulling off Jose's vision. Until next year!

Despite no power this morning and no internet (still), I finished my video! I am now at the Shiggidy Shack mooching off of their internet connection. I like this island living stuff, but it sure ain't easy if you actually have to work while in Paradise. I guess we have to take our yin with our yang. A Carib helps too.