Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Stuff

Here it is Monday again. I can't say we did a whole lot over the weekend. Friday night we went to the Shiggidy Shack to hear a new (to them) band they were trying out, Kool Running. They were good (the women were the best), but not really danceable. Every once in a while, they'd do a low-key but fun soca song that would get everyone swaying, but then they'd switch to something slower, so it was hard to get into party mode. They'd take a break and we'd put on a dance mix I created and a quite "happy" Michael would go out and dance, dragging me with him. He got a little too into Rihanna's Only Girl song. I need to work on my mix a bit too. While all this was going on, just about every bar patron was switching from Carib to Skol, Stag, Mackeson, or some other beer. Something was very wrong with the 10 cases of Carib Mr. X had just bought. It wasn't skank, but sort of tasted like they forgot to wash the soap out in the recycling process. Peter and Steve drinking something other than Carib, showed true desperation. As luck would have it, the Carib reps were actually there, but, incredibly, denied anything was wrong with the beer. Ah yes, customer service....

Saturday we spent quite a bit of the day looking for Diet Coke. Diet anything. About once/month the sole distributor for sodas runs out and eventually so does everyone else. There wasn't a can to be found on the island, so I was thankful to have a friend with a secret stash she was nice enough to share with me. We also heard that a Fat Tuesday opened up in Port Zante and were curious to see where it was and what it looked like. It's incredible to me that businesses like this open in silence. No grand opening; no press; nothing. I overheard someone talking about it on Friday night. Good thing for word of mouth. Anyway, it's down near the marina/cruise ship exit area and is a cute little bar. It didn't look like it had food, but had its usual plethora of flavored frozen drinks. My Islands Community posted the menu with prices, so if you're interested in going, you can come prepared with some extra $.

Did you notice the Harley Davidson sign? Oddly, there's a store now selling HD clothing. Honestly, I've never understood the brand-name stores that pop in cruise-ship/duty-free areas. HD? Why not?

I had also wanted to find a new club I had gotten wind of, Cloud 9. It turns out it was right across from Fat Tuesdays.

The mirrored, fancy sign is very South Miami. The club occupies the 2nd & 3rd floor of the building. It didn't really look open, but since really loud music was vibrating out (it was about 3pm), we went upstairs to see what was what. It's got the same vibe the now defunct Sobe Bay was going for. Outside there were two areas to sit and look at either the marina,

or the Fat Tuesdays and the cruise ship.

Inside, was very hip and airy.

We tried to talk to the bartender about the place, but he seemed very busy (??!!); plus the music was so loud, we couldn't really hear each other. Despite this, we braved going up the second set of stairs to the source of the music to finish our reconnaissance. There was a circular, open-air dance floor with a great view of Port Zante and of the mountains in the other direction. There were about 4 guys hanging out on the ledge.

What was surprising was that there was a real band up there!

We actually liked what they were playing, but it was deafening. We're not sure if they were really open, offered food, were after cruise ship passengers, or what. I think it would be fun to party there at night or even throw a private party there (if they do that), but they'll never draw in tourists as is (so it's not worth being open during the day). I'm guessing they'll eventually start getting word out about themselves and get better defined. I hope so, for their sake.

And lastly, there seems to be a pub opening up where the Ackee Cafe used to be, but again, so far no one really knows anything about the place yet. If they'll have good beer on tap, they should have it made. Rams supermarket was getting Blue Moon beer for a whole month and people (including us) were fighting over it. Of course, we've never seen it again. Sigh.

Sunday, we hung out with the seaweed on the beach, beach walked, hung out with friends, and called it a successful weekend. Another week begins.