Monday, November 21, 2011

A Day at the Beach

Why are we modeling hajibs?  Because the beach was buggy!!  Not only won't that blasted seaweed stop washing up onshore, but quick rain showers and a complete lack of wind meant millions, billions, kazillions of little sand fleas.  We endured the little boogers as long as we could, but finally called it quits about 2:30. Boo.  Today will probably be similar, but I see wind on the horizon (Wed looks pretty good).  If it holds, we'll look forward to a do-over, sans bugs, next weekend.

Those of you on island looking for Thanksgiving things to do, head to the calendar. So far, I actually haven't heard of much. Obviously, Thanksgiving isn't exactly a Kittitian thing, but with so many American tourists, students, and expats, a # of places usually get into the spirit. The Marriott is doing an early spread, and dinner will be served near the Treasury Building (which might be a cool experience).  You can click on the menus in the calendar or Upcoming Events portion of the sidebar. Businesses tend to post things last minute, so I'll keep adding as I discover new venues. Both of us will be working as usual. We're thankful everyday!