Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Turkey 1 Is everyone gearing up to travel, see family, and wear their favorite expandable sweatpants? Michael & I sort of count Thanksgiving as an anniversary (plus it's easier to remember than our wedding anniversary which we both either forget or get the date wrong on). Twenty-four years ago, we had our first Thanksgiving together in NYC as a "couple." This was probably the weekend we "clicked" (despite already knowing each other for 4 years). Michael had driven in from Philly to see me, we bought lots of groceries to cook our first meal together, returned back to my apartment building only to discover I had locked us out. I had never done that in more than a decade of living there. We had to find someone to buzz us into the building, borrow a neighbor's phonebook/phone to find a locksmith willing to work a holiday, pay double for said locksmith, and were finally able to get inside and get the meal started. My high-strung personality could have made the whole thing needlessly stressful, but Michael's laid-back vibes turned the day into a fun memory. I might lock him out tomorrow and see if he's still as zen...

I know that these days I'm having trouble keeping relaxed with the construction around the house now beginning at 7:00am, the internet still on and off all day (Hey The Cable - I want a discount for the month of November!), and a plea from the water company to residents in Basseterre, St. Peters, Frigate Bay (that's us!), and the Southeast Peninsula to conserve water because there's a shortage due to a bad pump (although we do that anyway). I can say that the electricity has stayed on in our area for a full week (not true elsewhere). Thankfully, there are things to do to get us out of the house.

Thursday, American-style Thanksgiving meals are being offered at: The Marriott, Spice Mill, Sunset Cafe, and Treasury Apron.  Should you already be downtown for the Treasury Apron dinner, stay put and attend Island Xpressions poetry night at MaPau casino (it really is a fun way to spend an evening).

Friday, Independence Square (park) is going to be the place to be with Eat Like A Local from 12-2pm (sample local foods for lunch and check out local products), and then lots of music, contests, and other fun stuff as part of the official launch of the Carnival season (starting at 5pm). If you missed your Thanksgiving meal on Thursday or want to eat it twice, Spice Mill will be offering a buffet (get your tickets in advance) beginning at 6:30pm.

Saturday will see teams running around Basseterre for a Treasure Hunt and various nationalities squaring off in a serious JamKit domino match.  If interested in participating in either of these events, sign up now.

Sunday is beach day! Because everyone wants to put on a bathing suit after spending a holiday weekend stuffing their faces.