Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another Year Begins

Boo - my 12 days of Christmas are over.

How was everyone's New Year's Eve? Ours was fun but low-key - the perfect combo. We hung out with the few people who didn't feel like getting all gussied up and spending a lot of $. Look at this bunch - it's probably best we stayed in.

We sure didn't want for food.

Nat was a big fan of anything with bacon.

When midnight hit in St. Kitts, Basseterre, the Marriott, Carambola, Spice Mill, and places on Nevis let loose some fireworks. We had debated going to an overlook to try to get a closer look but were hoping that we had a good view from where we were. So we waited.

And then they started going off. Hey - who put that mountain in the way!

So we went up to the roof.

We definitely got a better view of the Marriott's display (and could see the others in the distance), but next year we're going to do the overlook. You might have to click on the photos to see the bursts.

The whole time we were watching them, we kept hearing this strange disembodied voice monotonously saying "fi-re-works." It sounded so strange. It seemed to be coming from the abandoned lot across the street which made it even more odd, but then we traced it to a little girl who lived downstairs. Oh. Ok, maybe it did sound like a munchkin. Anyway, we all managed to stay up to celebrate with New York but decided it wasn't necessary to party with California and all went back to our respective houses to catch some zzzs.

So we go into 2012 and will be doing the same thing today that we did just a week ago in 2011. Beach!! If it ain't broke...