Monday, January 2, 2012

Parade Today

Hey guys just letting you know the carnival parade is supposed to be at 11 this morning. I doubt it starts before 2, but there you have it. The order of events is supposed to be:

Grand Carnival Marshall
Children’s Carnival (again?)
All Carnival Events' Winners (I'm guessing Miss Teen, etc.)
Folklore Troupes (basically clowns)
Parade Troupes (see below)

The route is as follows:

Troupes will assemble on Wigley Ave. Turn right on to Cayon Street, right on West Square Street, left on South Square Street, left on East Square Street, right on Pond Road to Sandown Road, right on Sandown Road, right on the Bay Road to Fort Street, Right on Fort Street climaxing in Circus.

If anyone wants become part of the action, Xtreme presents 'CARNIVAL SURVIVORS'..............Come As You Are' Parade Troupe. Its free, just come in any old carnival costumes and come party with them. They have a good point that after 40 years, there need to be more than three troupes, but I can't figure out what happened to Xtreme's original Pirate-themed troupe. Anyway, if you want to be a part of it, the Facebook page says: "Trailer Packed!!!!! Bar Packed!!!! Food Cooking!!!! Packages sold out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xtreme ready to mash up town.................... Party starts at 12.00 midnight at the TDC Grounds!!!!! XTREME GOING TO STEP ON THEM, THE HARDER THERE COME THE HARDER THEY FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The costumed troupes are broken down into several sections:
  • Plush's Fusion Fantasy: Bliss, Fantasia, Greek Goddess, and Seduction
  • Phunnmakers (the longest running Carnival troupe): Red, Exotique, Blue, and Diamonds (although these guys didn't get their costumes delivered on time, so they're going to have to regroup)
  • Banker Mas' Somewhere in Taiwan: Sun/Moon/Lake, Lantern Festival, Ilha Formosa, Jade Empress, and Kite Master.
Bring some chairs, slather on some suntan lotion and/or bring some shade, fill your cooler, and get ready.

Unrelated to Carnival, Bruce Buffet is doing well in Canada and everyone did a fantastic job raising funds to get him there, but there's a bit more work to do. This time, friends are asking for donations of "stuff." Here's the lowdown (and Facebook Page)

The sale is on January 14th at the field across from ECCB, so collect what you can, bring some money to buy stuff, and let's see if we can help this family out.