Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Carnival 2011-2012

Welcome to 2012! How did we spend our first day of the new year? Taking over 600 pictures while enjoying the carnival parade. I whittled them down to half that and then decided to post half of those. Get ready for some photos! I'll keep the chit chat to a minimum.  I will say that I snort-laughed when I heard that the parade was supposed to start at 11am.  We went anyway just to check it out and secure our usual spot (this time with an umbrella my mom gave us) and this is what it looked like:

There wasn't a soul around. No one set up to report on the parade, no judges, no vendors, no police, no fans. Road restrictions weren't even in place yet.

12:30pm: The road looked the same.  I was very relaxed.

 1:30pm: Do Dee Do.  Mikey tekkin' a beer.

2:00pm. Hey there's some action! We could see the parade starting at one end, but there were several vehicles still racing to the beginning point - like trucks with troupe members, speakers, and major costume sections. The police were even late, so the Grand Marshall had to wait for them to get in front (note one of the marshalls later had his foot run over by a speaker truck - ouch).

First up - I must give you your music for your blog reading pleasure. Nu Vybes Band with I-Rep-SKN: play here or hit play below.

So we started with Masqueraders/Clowns (They began and ended the parade):

I got attacked by this bull, but luckily there are no pictures to document it. I think I might be pregnant.

I always said Michael hung out with a bunch of clowns.

Next up the kids! Again.

Winners of stuff!

By now the crowds had gotten pretty big.

We were up taking pictures, so we told folks they could use our shade (and chairs).

Now it's the big kids turn!

Mocko Jumbies

So there you have it.  We waited over 4 hours for 1 1/2 hours of fun, but it was worth it. At least we were at the start. People farther downtown were still waiting. So now we're ready for the new year.  Right?