Monday, January 23, 2012

Cooking and Sailing

And it's Monday again.  Saturday entailed working, grocery shopping, eating, and sleeping. That's it. Sunday, we tried out a recipe for goldfish. We just couldn't help ourselves when the Suez Kitchen posted a link to it on their Facebook page.  We had a few questions on this recipe, so searched for others like it and found some that were much more complicated. We stuck to the simple one (just cheese, flour, water, and butter!). First up - toss the 4 ingredients in the food processor:

Once it was all blended it needed to chill for 20 minutes. We weren't sure if we were supposed to put it in the fridge or freezer, so chose the fridge. Next time, it'll be the freezer (you don't want it too soft when you're cutting out the shapes).

While we were waiting, we tried to make our goldfish shapes out of a soda can. We had a tough time getting the size right (Michael's always had to be bigger...).

We rolled out the dough, trying to make it as thin as possible for the crunchiest fishies.

Ok - only a couple hundred to go!

You'll note Michael's had a better shape, but we decided it was too big and ran with my smaller cutter.

This is where we were dumb. We should have done all this on the wax paper we were using to line the cookie sheet. Instead, we did it on the counter and then had to move each fish we cut out over to the sheet. The dough was too warm to move after the fact. Duh. No, we did not poke eyes and make mouths on every one of these. Sheesh.

Anyway, after only getting through 1/2 the dough, we filled our cookie tray so it was time to bake. The recipe didn't say to preheat, but others did, so we did preheat.

Smell that cheese - they're getting poofy!

And they're done!

The recipe said to bake for 15 minutes (maybe if you don't preheat). Ours started smoking at 10 minutes - we'll pull them out at 8 next time. We tossed on some sea salt and then it was time to take a taste test. Mikey likes it - he really likes it!

They were cheesier than the real thing, but tasted great. We had to run off to a sailboat trip afterwards and brought them with us. They got a thumbs up from everyone, including a kid, so what more could you ask for? I think we'll experiment with different cheeses, cutters, and spices (I'm not sure it needed all that butter). I also think we need to invest in a 2nd cookie tray so we can make more at one time. We've still got 1/2 the dough and I will be whipping up another batch later.

Ok - we were off to catch-up with a photo-shoot happening on one of the Blue Water Safari catamarans.

Look at this good looking group.

I was asking the captain how close to shore we could go and he explained that it was a 40-65' drop almost right off this end of the island. I would have loved to have motored Jacumba this close and freaked out my friends. He did warn me about an area with some rocks you don't want to run into; it pays to know the area (or other people who do).

Here's the cut where the boats will one-day be entering to get into a some-day marina.

We spun around and went back to the usual snorkeling site, Shitten Bay.

Of course, the first person who was in the water was Steve (who was hot - as usual).

You'll note, Michael & I weren't even in bathing suits. It's cold - and at 4pm too late to be able to warm in the sun afterwards. No thanks! That didn't stop the others though. In goes Nat.

All the kids took running leaps and posed for the real photographer across from me (I love Nat's face in some of these pics).

There was lots of floating and some snorkeling.

The boys figuring out various methods of supporting their beers.

Once we got everyone out of the water, up went the sails and we did a zigzag to Nevis and back to Cockleshell on St. Kitts.

The Nevis peak was looking all nice and clear. People always ask us if we miss sailing. Some aspects of it, but these guys blew out their jib (front sail) earlier in the day and had to replace it with a smaller one for the trip. We do not miss replacing broken/ripped/lost boat parts - at all.

The captain (Jonathan) got "the claps" when he hit a wave the wrong way and doused everyone trying to dry off in the front.

And then the sun went down behind the island and it was time to call it a day.

Since I was just talking about missing some aspects of sailing, I just have to post this. I asked a few friends who had been on the boat with us if they had any photos that might work for my book's back cover. On our last sail with pals before leaving Grenada, Jim on Merengue took a great photo. The only thing that was wrong with it was that he wasn't in it. Well, he remedied that.

I'm pretty sure Jim's mug wasn't originally on that flag, but it doesn't look too bad there! That is too funny. I really miss all those guys!