Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Good-Bye Tour

Hey - does this look familiar? We were on the boat again. Steve is going through his list of lasts. This was his last boat trip out on the Shiggidy Express. Tonight (Thursday) will be his last night at the Shiggidy Shack drinking his last Caribs.  That cold I was trying to avoid seems to have caught up to me and Michael was blowing his nose too, so I'm sure it'll be a quick good-bye from us. Whaa.  I figured I'd put the boat trip in as a slide show for a change of pace. For those of you getting this via email, you'll have to go to the blog or Picasa to see it (you should be able to select Slideshow in there too).

Things got so crazy I'm embarrassed to even have some of some of the pics on my hard-drive. No, not of me and not posted either, sorry. It was fun though and having the full moon was a bonus. The brewery is going to see a serious decrease in beers sold after Friday. That'll mean less hangovers and empty calories so that people can take part in this Nevis Peak Eco-Challenge:

Reggie Douglas

The course covers a total of 35km (21+ miles), starting with a .5km kayak, followed by 33km of cycling, and a 1.5km run. Are people nuts? I will not be doing any of that...