Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Exercise and Cats

So I'm curious. Do the rest of you play mind games with yourselves when you're working out? When I'm on a particularly long, hard hike I start singing the heat miser song...Put one foot in front of the other...(video). It works.

This morning's workout was on the treadmill. I have a peep view of the sea while doing so. About 20 minutes into a 45 minute workout I felt like quitting. That's just not acceptable, so I started whale watching while I ran. It wasn't enough to just stare, I had to have a mental conversation with myself. Renee's looking for whales. Whale watch-ing.  Lookin' for whales. Renee-a-rama...Renee-meister...(parody video)

I'm not kidding. I did that for 10 minutes before I just stared at the machine's countdown to the final 15 and going 5 more minutes three times...  10 minutes... Half of 10 minutes...Getting ready for blast off.  Yay - I"m done - except that now I have to do arm/stomach exercises. I have to admit, I cut those in half. Screw 'em.

Then I took a shower, started the laundry, and wondered where Jack was. He's always around so if he's not, I have to go looking for him. Yesterday he was in a cabinet. You'd think he'd meow or something. The day before that, it turns out he utilized a hole in the bottom of the sofa frame and was all tucked up inside sleeping like a...cat. Today, he fell off the upstairs balcony...again. He doesn't realize he can't cling to the wall-side like the lizards do. I knew he'd be back, where else would he go, but there are a lot of wild cats around, monkeys, and unleashed dogs - not to mention all the construction equipment on the move behind us. I don't want to worry about fleas, ticks, heart worm, and all the other crap so would prefer they stay inside.

So normally, I just prop open the back door and wait til they show up again, except now I have a road passing within a stone's throw of the door and lots of workers back there. I can't even use the downstairs bathroom anymore during the day because I have an audience just on the other side of the window. So I opened the doors on the porch, stuck our make-shift screens in so the other cat wouldn't get out, and propped open the back door a peep. In about 10 minutes, I could see Jack trying to squeeze his face in the door and let him in. No problem. Except that about 2 minutes later Zura who was right there a minute ago was now on the other side of the porch screens. How the heck did she get out there?!  It turns out there was a huge gap at the bottom of the screen, where the staples have come out, and she just walked out (Carrot demonstrating). And then she was gone....

Close porch doors, open back door a crack. Five minutes later a desperate little paw is scratching to make the entry bigger. There. Both cats inside and gulping water. All this by 10am. It wasn't much longer before I wondered why I didn't leave them out there. Is this helpful?!

I"m trying to make the bed here, you brats! Or then there's waking up to this. I swear I didn't put them there.

Or I get Jack bringing me his toys in the middle of the night - he'll carry them all the way up the stairs. This one was a candy wrapper. I was actually in the middle of working out this time; he was trying to make me feel guilty for not playing with him.

If there's a towel around, Jack is going to roll around in it. Dishtowels are on the floor. Sometimes I have to pull my bath towel off the floor to use it.

I spend the day running up and down the stairs because I'm going senile and forget things all the time. The cats figure out that I'm having "senior" moments and stop following me after awhile. They'll just sit at the top or bottom until they're positive I'm staying put on a particular floor. I ask Jack what he thinks he's doing and he cocks his head as if he can understand me better that way.

If I'm laying down, Jack must be on my foot/leg. All the time.

So much for trying to read.

Or workout (I was doing pushups), but with a face like that...

I do get a break sometimes.

Such cutie pies. There is yet another website out there for you to share everything about your incredibly interesting life called Pinterest. I was looking at it as a possible site for promoting A Sail of Two Idiots (getting delivered to all those who ordered this week!) and the liveaboard lifestyle, but got a little sidetracked. As a matter of fact, the site is sort of addictive (more fun than Facebook). I never did figure out how to use it to my advantage (so haven't signed up yet), but I did have a good time looking at other people's stuff. Here are a couple of things from the Cats pinboard:

The following were actually all over the internet (just search for "cats invisible things" - most are here). There are a ton of them. Too funny. Just click on one of the pics and then hit the arrows at the bottom. My favorite is the black cat freaking over the "texting breakup" - yeah, especially after you've typed up and lost a long one.

I love cats.

Oh and for all you people who give us a hard time about the amount of popcorn we eat: Plain popcorn may be better for your health than certain fruits and vegetables, researchers have discovered. Ha!  I might just make some popcorn to celebrate!*

*Of course the NY Daily News didn't bother to mention that a popcorn company partially funded the study.