Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Weekend's Over Already?

Is everyone still sporting green beer mustaches from their St. Patrick's day celebrations? Michael & I got so wrapped up in chores and later the basketball games (well, one of us was more caught up in the latter than the other), that we kind of forgot all about it. One task was shopping. Michael is getting desperate for work shorts and the stores that used to carry them (in his size) don't anymore. It's hard to buy that sort of thing online, because if they don't fit, we can't easily return them. So we might be looking at a $1500 trip to buy $300 worth of shorts...While downtown, we did finally find the Ital/Rasta guy that serves mostly vegetarian fare (saltfish is not vegetarian). Michael tried 3 lentil cakes and some macaroni pie. The lentils were really good and spicy. To date, no one has made better macaroni pie than what we had in the Bahamas.

A bigger problem yesterday was that poor Jack ended up at the vet after having pee problems. We had to leave him overnight and it wasn't easy sleeping without him sprawled across my legs.  Male cats are renowned for having urinary issues.
Our last cat had them too, but that's one of the reasons I was spending so much money on good cat food. It was supposed to help keep such stuff at bay. It doesn't seem like Jack has crystals though, the problem seemed to be inflammation, but without knowing what caused that, it's hard to know how to keep it from happening again.
We already know we have to pay $250EC (about $93US) upfront for weekend care, so can't wait to get the bill for an overnighter, catheter, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory x-ray, and blood tests. Good thing we love this little guy so much. We love Zura too of course, but Jack is always in the middle of the action, always bringing toys to bed to play, in the cabinets, at the front door, following me around, rattling his tail, running crablike (sideways) when he's excited. I missed him. Sniffle.

I also managed to get our taxes done, despite the power going out twice while I was doing them. Then, I was trying to do something cool for my A Sail of Two Idiots blog (a tour of the boat) but the cable kept going out (unrelated to the power). I don't know how people lived without electricity or internet - ever. I didn't get my boat tour done the way I wanted it, but I did get the blog post completed...eventually. Living on an island, we don't get a whole lot of sympathy. Oh, poor you - surrounded by blue/green water with 70/80 temps year-round, no traffic lights, and beach bars.  Ok, fair enough. But it's not all sun and sand people!

The cool news is that A Sail of Two Idiots is out!  My mother received 5 (instead of 25 - grumble) freebies in her mail last week! This means it'll be on bookshelves, Amazon, etc. in no time. It may already be on Kindle, but because I can never access the Amazon site (it just hangs), I have no idea. My marketing team in NYC already has a copy and are raving about it and just told me that the folks they've showed it to so far also excited.  Yeah?  Well, me too then! Now all I have to do is get my hands on a copy!  I can not thank those of you enough who have already bought one and am excited to sign some for others who were holding out here on St. Kitts.

The best way to celebrate is with some hiking. Some of you might remember that Dave from Indigo Yachts had a near-fatal heart attack 6 months ago. He's been been walking to get his strength and stamina back up and recently started tackling the dreaded Timothy Hill (the hill leading from Frigate Bay to the SE Peninsula).  It's intense and one used by many for exercise (and also for vista shots). Just watch out for falling boulders...

He's been doing great and we ran into him getting water at the Shack after his latest hill completion. Once he had quenched his thirst and gotten his breath back, he told us about another hike he does near his house. It sounded like something we wanted to do, so we met up with him Sunday morning (in Bayford's, St. Peters). He goes at a civil hour, so it wasn't as painful as my normal workouts. We had a great view from the very beginning - except for that fact that it continues to be hazy. Very strange.

We also met the resident pooch Cosmo and kitty George (not Dave's). This is the starting point for several tours and both animals come running to greet everyone. Greg of Greg's Safaris warns everyone to watch the cat (which bites more than the dog does - although he was very friendly with us - and fat).

When we first starting walking, we could hear the people in Cayon below singing in the churches.

This hike took us through lots and lots of farms, some taken care of better than others. We saw everything from rotting cabbage, to a bumper crop of tomatoes that got damaged when the temps in the area got too low (too low!!!), to bananas, to parsley, to pumpkin, to pineapple.

There're even beehives up here!

Despite the haze, the views were great.

Not only were there the usual old sugar windmill chimney stacks,

but also ancient machinery. That boiler probably dates back to the early 1800s. The tractor could be pretty new-ish as things rust fast here.

There was all kinds of interesting fauna (like ferns that looked like feathers attached to rocks). We appreciated the canopy too. The temp wasn't bad, but shade is always appreciated.

There were all kinds of trees with crazy trunks and bamboo creaking.

Our turn-around point was right where water starts babbling past. There was even a pool had we felt the need to refresh ourselves.

Just past this were some orange trees. Not yet producing but they smelled good. We will be back.

If we continued farther (about an hour) we would have hit the water source, which has a waterfall. We'd have to aim for the hills.

Dave wants to do this about once/month and would like some company. We're in and will change things up here and there. If anyone wants to come with, just let us know! This was about an hour each way at a pretty decent pace. Then it was off to the beach. I think we should change the name from Sandy Bank to Seaweed Bank. Yuck.

The waves were down though so those willing to get wet jumped in for some water fun. Some folks were out there paddle boarding and we (not I) got out in a kayak.

And then we picked Jack back up. This had been Zura before Jack's arrival. Finally she could play and not have Jack pounce on her. Although she had no qualms about pouncing on her orange mouse (which we call Carrot).

This is her now.

She hates when Jack smells like hospital. Last time it took her 3 days to stop hissing at him. What was wrong with him? No clue. They mentioned stress, but that's pretty impossible. Jack does not stress (he even sat in my lap in the car). I'm just glad to have my cuddle bunny back. Luckily we don't get the bill until tomorrow.