Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Up Close

It seems the deer on the southeast peninsula have been making more frequent appearances. Michael saw 3 the other day and practically ran face first into another before it adeptly leaped over a fence and left him fumbling for his camera. Luckily Mikey Ryan had his binoculars and camera handy while birding this weekend and captured a deer in the best photos yet. Thanks Mikey!

He didn't mention what birds he captured on film or by sight, but he's got a list of those he has in the past on his Birds Watchers of St. Kitts website.

I just discovered that Walmart doesn't ship internationally, so the shirts Michael likes from there are out of reach.  I guess he's going to have to look a little harder here then!

Jack seems to be doing okay (thanks for the well wishes). Zura's still hissing at him though.