Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Churches and Air Quality

Thanks to Celeste who identified the church near the Black Rocks as St. John's Anglican Church. I had looked at the St. Kitts Anglican church website before, but didn't think their photo matched (the roof is different). Plus, their website says St. John's church is in St. Paul's parish (which is on the tip of the island). This one is actually in the St. John parish. After running the name, now that I had one, I saw another picture (right) that seems to confirm its identity (still different roof).  St. Paul's has its own Anglican church, but maybe the Church lumps them together for administrative purposes. I'll go with it. If built when the one downtown was, it's been there since the 1600's and is still in use. Pretty amazing.

Stephen Delay
Something is definitely in the air. Our eyes are burning, we even got a whiff of sulfur last night (which has never happened since we've been here - even when Montserrat's volcano activity was high and ash was everywhere). Our throats were also being tickled last night (although we were coughing not laughing).  The Montserrat Volcano Observatory's last report had activity declining, and an inquiry to their Facebook page got a response that all was well. Look at this sunset though (at Shipwreck). Doesn't that tell you something is in the air? I woke up this morning expecting to see a black cloud stretching across the sky, but all looks normal out there. Our eyes are still burning and it still smells like fire though. Strange. Has anyone looked at our own Mount Liamuiga lately?!


You know, you just can't script this stuff:

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