Friday, April 6, 2012

Congratulations To Me and Happy Birthday to Heather

Ok, so first of all. I finally got a copy of my own book.  Now it's real. I promise I won't harp on this every post (that's what the A Sail of Two Idiots blog is for), but it is what's going on in my life right now, so hopefully you'll just enjoy following along with the process.

I've already gotten some feedback and am pleased with the responses so far. It's not perfect, but I wasn't expecting it to be. Readers seem to be having fun with it and that's all I ask. I have a radio interview on Saturday with Bill on World of Boating at 2:40pm, so am terrified about that and have also been asked to interview with Jill at The Growing Bolder Radio Show. Let the media blitz begin!

I only got 8 copies (2 more on the way), so this was just a sampling. Although I need them to market myself to some of the St Kitts and Nevis businesses, I couldn't help but sell a couple. I plan to order a larger shipment next week, so hopefully can do a book signing the week of the 16th.  In the meantime, I'll savor my latest fans. Thanks Paula and Carla!

Oooh, profit!

Of course then I had to sign the books. I have to admit, I screwed up what I was writing in Paula's, but I'm thinking that'll just make it worth more in the long run. The correction is an insight into my thinking process - which is priceless, of course...and maybe a little embarrassing. Also embarrassing? My handwriting. Yikes. At least I know no one can replicate it. If you've read it, write up a review on Amazon! I need support from my peeps!

Michael became a fan too. I know what he's reading this weekend.

Yep, that was fun. What was also fun was that it was Heather's birthday. A group of us met up at Nirvana to celebrate.

Of course, you know what I gave her as a present....It's been a very long time since we've blown our budget on a dinner out and even longer since we've done so with a big group of friends. We had a great time. From a food standpoint, the starter soups were tasty - Michael tried the pumpkin, I tried the spicy chickpea. Yummy. Michael also got a salad which was very fresh and a respectable size. Dinner took awhile because several people ordered steaks, but luckily we had delicious, steaming hot rolls to munch on. They were really good, but there weren't enough of them, so we clamored for more and the chef obliged. The mainstay dinners (steak and chicken) looked pretty, came with sweet potato fries, and seemed to get a thumbs up. They need to work on their vegetarian options though. I ordered a black bean patty with a bit of salsa on the side. It's a cold dish and is really more like an appetizer. Considering it was just a mash-up of chickpeas and black beans (probably cost them $3 to make), the dish should have been half the price. Someone else who ordered it actually packaged theirs to take home so they could cook it later. Michael got a veggie wrap - and that's exactly what it was. Lots of veggies in a green wrap (the exact same thing as their appetizer only you get both pieces). Again, it was a bit overpriced and it should come with rice or plantains or something (it's dinner!). Michael liked the overstuffed wrap but felt it was too dry so wrapped his second half up for some doctoring at home later. The service was good; the company was fun. Good enough for me.

Cheers to Heather!

A few people got the mango cheesecake, which was a hit, but the birthday girl received a decadent chocolate something-or-other and managed to eat every bite (and lick off the text on the plate).

Leaving was typical - island car!

And then we got all stupid (after earlier discussions of dirty vehicles).

It says "I wish my wife were as dirty" and the car owner's response is "She is" or in island speak (and as written) "Shiz."

I then woke Michael up 5 hours later so he could go to work. No rest for the weary. It was worth it though! Michael should be home by noon and we're hoping to get some pool time in (and maybe a nap). Happy Good Friday!

What did Jesus say to his apostles as he was being nailed to the cross?

"Don't touch my Easter eggs, I'll be back on Monday."