Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

Is everyone having a nice weekend? Certain days over the Easter weekend get dedicated to kite flying in the Caribbean and Good Friday was one of them. Thanks to Digicel and Generation Change/Party Central, every kid who wanted a kite had one. Supposedly, at least in Bermuda, kites symbolize the rising of Christ. I'm not sure many of the kite flyers made that association, but they did have a lot of fun.

My favorite was the 3D square (no it's not blurry).

I'm not sure if there were more kids flying kites or adults...

Nat did get his kite up in the air.

There are always a few casualties - other trees really enjoyed a good meal.

We had quite a few showers through-out the day so the crowds came and went - or huddled.

Michael didn't want to get his hair wet either (we needed chips for a salsa I made).

We had an interesting time at Popcorn's that night for a signing (no not mine). He's leasing his previously empty party pad, so this was our last night to use the place for tawdry business. Well, tawdry business we're invited to. How many people does it take to sign a lease?

And who knew you could have so much fun doing it?

Fun to wipe the deviled eggs off your face with:

Remember how a while back I said that the cats wait for me to get settled because I forget stuff all the time so go in circles trying to remember what I forgot? Well, I had a brain-fart moment yesterday, when I was, um, meditating on the couch and thought of a few things I wanted to say on the radio interview today. Everything was so brilliant that I was sure I'd remember it all and didn't need to write anything down. I just told myself to remember "OT" and stay relaxed. Yeah, within an hour I did remember OT, but had no idea what it stood for. Last night while talking to a couple about Idiots, it came to me. Over Think!  How ironic....I wrote it down this time. As it turned out, the interview was cancelled because the radio station was having problems with their phone lines. And we thought that only happened in St. Kitts.  So, maybe next week.

The moon over the Caribbean Sea was beautiful.

We all headed to the Shack for some dancing and ended up having another late night out. Zzzzz

I will be in bed by 8:30 tonight.